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    Atilla 200 for sale. Trades considered.

    Atilla 200 for sale. This is the full power version with all the accessories shown. Trades considered. $2500 shipped
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    Lancer Systems Training Safety magazines now shipping. For use with simmunition, force on force, UTM, or blanks.

    Our Lancer Systems Training Safety Magazine is now shipping. This is a dedicated magazine for force on force training. It is designed to work with the different paint marking rounds and blanks but has reduced internal dimensions to restrict loading and feeding of live ammunition.
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    Unertl USMC 10X repair question.

    Who has had to send their Unertl's in for repair, and who would you recommend? It looks like there are a few guys out there that will do it but no idea on lead time and quality of work. Mine should be an easy fix as the elevation turret will not spin all the way down to 1. My guess it is just paint.
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    MSA Paraclete RMV w/ dynema soft armor. Medium Long ranger green. Includes shoulder, neck, throat.

    I have a like new MSA Paraclete RMV for sale w/dynema soft armor. It is a medium long in ranger green. It was a dealer sample and I only wore it once to a 3 day course. Comes with throat, neck, and shoulder attachments. $150 shipped from Sanford, NC Paypal friends and family or check. I will...
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    4,200 40 s&w once fired, decapped, wet tumbled.

    I have 4,200 pieces of 40s&w once fired, decapped, wet tumbled mixed brass for sale. It is a mix of brass and nickel. $150 shipped via USPS priority
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    I have a PACT XP professional chronograph with the upgraded IR skyscreens for sale. These retail for $270. Upgraded chrono's and I do not need this one anymore. $150 shipped in the US.
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    Like the title says I have a decent amount of once fired 40S&W brass for sale. It has been decapped and wet tumbled in stainless media. I will sell it in batches of 1,030 so if I missed a bad case during hand sorting you should still come out with more than 1k good cases. $55 per 1,030 cases...
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    WTS once fired 45 acp brass. Deprimed and wet tumbled.

    I have some once fired 45acp brass. All brass has been deprimed and wet tumbled with steel media. The majority of the brass is large primer but there might be some small primer mixed in. $35 per 500 and I will throw in 15 extra pieces for every batch of 500 in case I missed a damaged case...
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    Benelli M2 21inch 12 gauge barrel for 3 gun.

    I have a Benelli M2 21 inch 12 gauge barrel for sale. It has a hiviz flashpoint front sight and a marble adjustable folding rear sight dovetailed into the rib. It comes with all 5 factory chokes and wrench. $390 shipped in the US Located in Sanford, NC
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    Like the title says. Harris S-BRM 6-9inch swivel with notched legs bipod. $90 shipped via USPS priority in the US. Paypal friends and family.
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    Leupold VX3 6.5-20X 1/4 MOA tall turrets with 40mm objective 1inch tube and duplex reticle.

    Like the title says I have a Leupold Vari-X III 6.5-20X scope for sale. It has the gloss finish 1/4MOA tall turrets with caps, 40mm objective lens, 1 inch tube and a Leupold box but not the original to the scope it is a box for a M8-12X. $500 shipped in the US via USPS Priority. Sanford, NC
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    Like the title says. I have a Leupold Vari-X III 6.5-20x for sale. It has the box, sunshade, tall 1/4moa turrets with caps and duplex reticle. Gloss finish $500 shipped in the US via USPS priority.
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    The Fallen Outdoors

    Hello ladies and gents, My name is Chuck Vlasek. I am a volunteer pro staffer for a non - profit organization that takes our military personnel back into the outdoors for outdoors therapy and to rebuild comradery. We are looking for some land owners, guide services, boat owners or/and charters...
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    NC suppressor shoot Sept. 27th at DPRC hosted by the Friends of the NRA.

    Hi everyone I just wanted to let local guys know about a suppressor shoot that is going on next weekend. There are going to be numerous suppressor manufacturers there as well as class 3 dealers with a bunch of different suppressors to test out and machine guns that you can rent. Hope to see some...
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    Suppressor Shoot March 29th at the DPRC range in Haw River, NC.

    Guys I just wanted to make everyone aware of a suppressor shoot that is going on at the end of the month in NC. It is put on by the Friends of the NRA and there will be full autos to try, suppressor manufacturers, as well as local class 3's with different suppressors that you can try out. I did...
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    Old 1911 bullseye gun I found at a local pawn shop.

    Picked this up a few weeks ago from a local pawnshop. It had just come off of pawn and they wanted $595 for it so I jumped on it. It is a 139XXXX serial number which is a Remington it looks like and a Colt slide. Overall I would say it is in pretty good condition. It has the SA and FJA on it so...
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    Larue range day suppressed.

    This weekend I went to the Larue range day down in Texas. I was there with SureFire and I brought my personally owned OBR for the shoot. Friday we got to the range and I zerod my new Bushnell HDMR and plugged my data into a ATRAG and got my dope and double checked it for the steel at 250,500,750...
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    Larue range day.

    Anyone else going to this? I will be there all day on the firing line so if you are there stop by and say hi.
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    SureFire magazine pic, review to follow shortly.

    I just got my 60 round magazine for my rep kit yesterday and wanted to post up a pic. I am going to be taking this to the range on Monday and plan on hopefully shooting at least 1K rounds through it both suppressed and non suppressed on a number of platforms to include a Colt,Noveske,POF, Larue...
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    New .260 build by SPR Industries.

    So last year I had a buddy of mine Tom Ryder over at SPR Industries in Seattle build me a .260 Remington. I told him I wanted a heavy MTU contour with a barrel 26 inches or longer and set up to be run with a SureFire can. What I got was a very well built Remington bolt gun that the fit and...