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    FS : Leica Geovid 10x42 HD-Y LRF

    These are three or four years old now. Glass and function are perfect. The show light signs of field use, but look quite nice. Obviously, the view through them is amazing. It looks like this particular model is no longer offered, but they were on the order of $3K when I bought them. $1,200...
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    Better ammo with a round nosed bullet (not Eley EPS) for CLE Upper?

    I've always been an Eley guy, but my new Compass Lake upper won't feed any Eley ammo that uses the EPS bullet. Round nosed bullets only. I've been through their lineup and haven't found anything that really performs in this barrel. I'm seeing 1 moa ish at 100y. I've tried Lapua Center X...
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    Anyone have a Compass Lake .22 upper?

    I ordered one some time ago and am waiting for it to arrive. Impatiently, I might add! Theoretically, it ought to be shipping any day. I know Hoser has one. Anyone else? If so, what ammo does yours like? I ordered the "kit", so I'll be assembling it and supplying the upper and handguard...
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    Moving a load from Prime brass to LC (.223)

    I had a great load developed in Prime brass for a JP AR in .223. I can't recall the exact charge weight, but on the order of 24g of TAC with 77g SMK's. It was a consistent 1/2 minute performer when loaded on a Dillon 1050. I tried the same load in LC brass. It was actually more accurate by...
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    This is what happens when dad has a CNC router and his boy loves dinosaurs.

    My son surrounded by his dino pals. Edit 10-10-19: The website is up!
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    Suppressor temps at high rates of fire

    I bought a Fluke infrared thermometers for another purpose a while back. I took it to our local tactical rifle match and used it to measure can temps at the end of a stage. I checked 4 or 5 cans. Guys were firing 50-55 rounds in 2-3 minutes. Can temps were in the 600°F - 700°F range. The...
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    Ultra 5 question

    Ray or Zac, I'm considering a 5" ultra. It will spend most of it's life on an AR in 5.56. What, if any, difference in sound suppression should I expect between the .308 and 6.5 versions? If it matters, I'll be running the flash hider mount, not the brake. If you've ever wondered if there is...
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    Holster for G19 with Streamlight TLR-7?

    Looking for an OWB holster for a G19 with a TLR-7. Straight drop. Any recommendations?
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    SK Plus accuracy in two different rifles is wildly different

    I bought a couple lots of SK Plus Standard. I'd heard good things about it as decent and cheap ammo. I shot it in my 40X and was very pleased with the results. It was laying down basically 1" groups at 100 yards. Not quite as consistent as my lot-tested Eley Edge, but pretty damn good for $5...
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    Which cartridge for 6mm gas gun for PRS style matches?

    I'm kicking around the idea of a gasser for PRS and the like. I'd like to do some research on 6mm cartridges that can get me as close as possible to the performance of my Dasher. (105's at 3,000) I know I can't match that, just wanting to see how close I can get. Large or small frame is...
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    Cricket Precision Rifle - any tried one?

    Thinking about one of these for the kids. It appears to be easily adjustable. Id love to hear some feedback.
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    Best action for a Dasher?

    I have a 6 Dasher on an R700 action. It ejects like crap (cases land back in the port) and dings up the brass. I like the cartridge a lot and will stick with it, but I'm ready to have one built on a good custom action. Any thoughts on what's best suited for the Dasher would be appreciated.
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    Ball powders for 260?

    I've never varied from H4350 in my .260's, but a recent experiment with ball powder in .223 is making me wonder if there's a ball powder that's suitable for .260 Remington.
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    Everyone knows you can't load precision ammo on a progressive press

    Right? I hate loading, so I decided to try anyway. I just bought a new JP to use in the carbine role at team matches. Behind it is its predecessor, a gun I put together with a White Oak barrel. After reading JP's loading document, I decided to try TAC and 77 SMKs. I did exhaustive...
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    Thunderbeast re-core program and 5" cans

    Hey Zak, Any thoughts of offering the re-core program for 5" cans? I have a 30PSS and I would love to have it quieter.
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    FOV at 16X, NF ATACR 5-25 vs 4-16

    I was trying to decide between a 5-25 and a 4-16 ATACR for a new AR that's coming. I was assuming the 4-16 would have a larger field of view, but I called NF to confirm. To my surprise, the FOV at 16X on the 5-25 is actually bigger than the 4-16 at 16X. They called me back while I was driving so...
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    Eley Lot testing results

    Eley was at the Olympic Training Center yesterday doing lot testing on customer rifles. I took my Remington 40X to them and had them run the test with Eley Edge. The offered Tenex, but I knew I couldn't afford a case of that stuff. Like everyone else, I'd heard that individual guns are...
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    TBAC BA can question

    Zak, Do you guys have any data on the recoil reduction of a BA can versus just running the brake without the can? Thanks, Tim
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    Zero stop shim sets for SWFA Super Sniper scopes

    There used to be a thread on these on both the old site and the old-old site. I couldn't find it here, so I'm starting a new one. If this violates some policy mods, please kill it. I make zero stops for a number of SWFA scopes. Details are below. Fixed power non-HD models – the entire...