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  1. beenjammin

    SCAR 17 Optic Decision

    Look at the weight of both and go with the lighter of the two. I like the nx8
  2. beenjammin

    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    Has anyone built up a bighorn in a Cadex chassis as of yet? Might be my dream build
  3. beenjammin

    SPRM² - Scope Mount Installation Tutorial

    <-- still uses the old school AI 1 piece mounts.
  4. beenjammin

    WTS: Sig Tango 4 4-16x44 mil

    Bump open to offers. i also have an athlon midas tac for sale. Ill keep which ever doesnt sell.
  5. beenjammin

    WTS: Accuracy International AX AT AW 6.5CM barrel

    bump ~1200 which i think is liberal given how often I swap up gear.
  6. beenjammin

    WTS: Custom 260 rem in KRG Xray

    Selling a gorgeous fully custom remington that was been been completed blue printed and trued by a local smith. It was either Chris self, Danley precision, or accurate ordinance I dont remember, but it was done beautifully. The bolt is spiral fluted, Ar style extractor, and has a badger bolt...
  7. beenjammin

    WTS: Geissele Hi-Speed National match trigger

    Selling a Geissele Hi-Speed National match trigger. Just as it says. Works good. Ended up with an extra SPF
  8. beenjammin

    WTS: Accuracy International AX AT AW 6.5CM barrel

    Selling an FDE AI barrel 24" and threaded 5/8x24. Sold the rifle but kept this barrel for the next AI. It shoots under 1/2moa with 140 ELDs. SPF
  9. beenjammin

    WTS: Anthlon Midas Tac 6-24x50

    WTS: Anthlon Midas Tac 6-24x50 mil/mil floating dot reticle, bubble level and butler creek caps included $550 shipped
  10. beenjammin

    WTS: Sig Tango 4 4-16x44 mil

    Selling a perfect condition sig tango 4. No marks, clear glass, mil/mil floatign dot reticle. Comes with level and bikini cover. Wont find a better scope for the price. $450 shipped
  11. beenjammin

    wtb: LMT MWS grip

    snarks I appreciate the info and I know about those but the material is much harder in the ergo counterpart. The LMT MWS version is quite a bit more rubbery and less hard plastic
  12. beenjammin

    wtb: LMT MWS grip

    looking for a take off grip from an LMT MWS thanks
  13. beenjammin

    Tough choices!

    Your #2 was a great choice: 2.) Tikka T3X A1 (fixed stock) with Vortex PST GEN II. You get a great action, trigger, barrel, with prs style folding stock. Esp if you buy used off gunbroker. I have seen them $1200 leaving a good bit for a scope. PST is fine, Bushnell DMR, Athlon... many more...
  14. beenjammin

    WTS: AI 6.5CM barrel 24" FDE

    $375 shipped and insured.. Cant beat this.
  15. beenjammin

    2019 NCAA Football Survival Pool,,,Winer!!!!!!!!

    You are kidding me. How did I miss. I thought I picked ap state for this week
  16. beenjammin

    AU Military Appreciation game

    I dont care who you pull for, but an F35 flyover will make the hairs on your arms stand up during the anthem. If it doesnt something is wrong... We host Ole Miss for the military appreciation game. Lats year they honored my brother that was deployed in Niger on the Big screen. The half time...
  17. beenjammin

    APO Saber M700 sale

    hes right... When i saw the AI .223 conversion being worked on I definitely starting reconsidering.
  18. beenjammin

    Ashbury Precision Ordnance Sniper's Hide Edition Rifle

    Aaaahhhhh. so this was the new stock they were telling me was coming... Nice!