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  1. NiemiPT

    WTB: Arbor press with force gauge to Finland

    I’m looking for 21st century shooting or K&M arbor press with force gauge. If you have one without need and can ship it reasonable price to Finland I’m happy to have it :)
  2. NiemiPT

    Sako P94S aka. The original finnfire

    Is there anyone still shooting with original finnfire? I bought finnfire when I was 15 as my first gun and back then I didn’t had any money for optics so it’s hunter version. I have been thinking to install a nice stock and scope in it. McMillan A5 would be nice but it’s expensive and hard to...
  3. NiemiPT

    Greetings from Finland, the land of Sako and Tikka

    And of course we have also Lapua and Vihtavuori :) I got my first Sako some 20 years back. It was a P94S Finnfire 22lr. A year or so later I bought my next gun which was a Sako 75 SS 30-06. I use these for hunting but it has been few busy years so I haven't used those a lot lately. Last autumn...