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    AR500 - how to identify

    Been gifted some sheet steel from a neighbor, he thinks its hardened, possibly AR500. Is there any way of "testing" it to see, short of someone with the right gear doing a Rockwell hardness test??
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    "truing MV" what is it, how do you do it?

    might sound like a stupid question and one i think is due to terminology differences between the UK and US but what us meant by "truing a MV" I currently live and shoot in the UK but am relocating due to work changes to the US in Jan 14, dont want to be caught out by two names for the same...
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    first post - moving to US soon

    hi, first post on this forum, i'm currently active military in the UK but am retiring next year (23+ years and too many tours) and moving to Oklahoma to start a new career. Aside from work guns i shoot precision rifle and hunt here in the UK which has extremely restrictive laws and therefore...