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  1. Shawn1492

    Help getting started

    Would y’all mind helping with a multi part question. I’m shooting a mostly stock 10/22. Had some great groups (sub 3/4 inch) at 50 yards with CCI standard velocity. First question, BC for CCI SV, does .11 seem right? Next question. Barrel twist for stock barrel Ruger. Quick search says 1-16...
  2. Shawn1492

    Proper setup for Atlas CAL

    Hey guys, So I finally saved up enough and got an Atlas CAL. I’m pretty excited. My question is, with the bipod mounted as far forward on my forend as possible, while prone behind the gun I can not reach the lever to lock out the cant or adjust the leg height. Would I be better served moving...
  3. Shawn1492

    Atlas CAL setup

    Double post
  4. Shawn1492

    Best Scope Tracking Targets (Box to Bench / Horus CATS)

    Most guys will buy a 100 yard tape measure and make sure it’s perfect. If you are concerned about you scope beign off by 2% you need your measurements to be exact right?
  5. Shawn1492

    OK.....GOING TO STEP ON TOES..........

    .22lr has killed more game than all cartridges combined and squared.
  6. Shawn1492

    224 Valk Velocities

    Most guys have found that the 80gr ELDs with H4895 out run the 88s or 90s in drop and wind drift. The FB Valkyrie Ascending has a bunch of data posted. Most everyone is running 22 or 24 inch though. Your going to give up a lot of speed I. Those last 4 inches.
  7. Shawn1492

    Scope mount for Athlon Ares BTR

    Hey Guys, recently purchased an Ares BTR. I will have it mounted on my AR for the next year or so then plan on using it on my hunting rifle. Is something like the Vortex viper pro mount good enough or should I pay the $70 more for the Seekins or JP? Thanks for the help.
  8. Shawn1492

    If matches are mostly shot using 15x or so why have a 27x scope?

    That’s a great deal. The Ares is a 30mm tube though. You still working on your Valkyrie?
  9. Shawn1492

    If matches are mostly shot using 15x or so why have a 27x scope?

    Thanks! Went with the 27x on sale. Now to find a comparable scope mount for an AR15 Valkyrie. Any ideas? I’m thinking Seekins MXM, that is the very top end of my budget.
  10. Shawn1492

    If matches are mostly shot using 15x or so why have a 27x scope?

    Quick question. It seems most guys will shoot matches using around 15x or so. With that in mind does it not make more sense to have a scope with only 15x? Example Athlon Ares has both a 15x and 27x. Wouldn’t the 15 have better glass and be easier to use at matches? Thanks for the guidance.
  11. Shawn1492

    .224 Valkyrie Feed Issue

    15s. Biggest I can get here.
  12. Shawn1492

    Concern about scope damage because of to many clicks back and forth

    Just to double check. You said you tested the scope at exactly 100 meters. You did t accidentally use the American tall target test designed for testing scopes at 100 yards right? That would mess up your alignment on a tall target just a bit.
  13. Shawn1492

    .224 Valkyrie Feed Issue

    I’ve had good luck with the 6.8 AR Stoner mag from midway.
  14. Shawn1492

    .224 Valkyrie

    Good start. Are you on the FB page Valkyrie ascending? Do you have H4895 to try? Lots of good results with H4895 and the 80s.
  15. Shawn1492

    224 Valkyrie build

    The Criterion barrel from Craddock is GTG. 22 or 24 long with the plus two gas system. The wait is worth it.
  16. Shawn1492

    SBR to compliment a Precision Bolt Rifle in your gear

    What about a 10mm pistol with a longer barrel?
  17. Shawn1492

    .224 Valkyrie

    If your using an AR platform the ARStoner mags from midway work great. So do the PRI and other 68 mags.
  18. Shawn1492

    The Everyday Sniper Podcast Interview with Jacob Bynum

    Do you know any of the details Of the west Texas match Jacob was talking about. He said it was like a 3k 5k or 10k. That’s the kinda match I would love to shoot. I didn’t here a match name or city to help narrow down the search. Thanks.
  19. Shawn1492

    Weatherflow WFPSM-2 ?

    Let us know how it works with 4dof
  20. Shawn1492

    .224 Valkyrie

    With Starline brass around 25 is an accurate spot. That is a max charge start around 24.0 and go up in .2