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  1. Shawn1492

    Help getting started

    Would y’all mind helping with a multi part question. I’m shooting a mostly stock 10/22. Had some great groups (sub 3/4 inch) at 50 yards with CCI standard velocity. First question, BC for CCI SV, does .11 seem right? Next question. Barrel twist for stock barrel Ruger. Quick search says 1-16...
  2. Shawn1492

    Proper setup for Atlas CAL

    Hey guys, So I finally saved up enough and got an Atlas CAL. I’m pretty excited. My question is, with the bipod mounted as far forward on my forend as possible, while prone behind the gun I can not reach the lever to lock out the cant or adjust the leg height. Would I be better served moving...
  3. Shawn1492

    Atlas CAL setup

    Double post
  4. Shawn1492

    Scope mount for Athlon Ares BTR

    Hey Guys, recently purchased an Ares BTR. I will have it mounted on my AR for the next year or so then plan on using it on my hunting rifle. Is something like the Vortex viper pro mount good enough or should I pay the $70 more for the Seekins or JP? Thanks for the help.
  5. Shawn1492

    If matches are mostly shot using 15x or so why have a 27x scope?

    Quick question. It seems most guys will shoot matches using around 15x or so. With that in mind does it not make more sense to have a scope with only 15x? Example Athlon Ares has both a 15x and 27x. Wouldn’t the 15 have better glass and be easier to use at matches? Thanks for the guidance.
  6. Shawn1492

    Howa 1500 in the Oryx Chassis

    Noticed this on there website last night. Maybe give the RPR a run for its money.
  7. Shawn1492

    Standard carbine stock vs Magpul PRS

    Has anyone tried to measure a difference in accuracy between a standard carbine and PRS stock. A quick search didn’t come up with very many results. It seems like a carbine stock would allow recoil to twist or sway the rifle. I’m guessing a PRS has a nice tight lockup that precincts rattle or...
  8. Shawn1492

    Athlon Midas BTR 2.5x15

    I was getting ready to buy a SWFA 10x but now I see Athlon has put the Midas BTR on sale. It has been out for awhile but I can’t find any review on it. Has anyone used it? How does it compare to the SWFA
  9. Shawn1492

    AR Stoner barrels?

    So I am new to mid range shooting and I am starting a new upper build. Looking for a 223 Wylde chamber and 20 inch mid or heavy barrel. What are your thoughts on a AR Stoner barrel from MidWay. Hoping for sub MOA and something I can shoot 77 out to 600 yards. Thanks