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    bushnell lrts 4.5-18x44 experience?

    I've had 5 3-12 LRHS which have all gone back for warranty because you couldn't zero the turret correctly, only in 0.2 mil increments. They were all replaced with 3-12 LRTSis which have been nothing but great. I have one on my .22 and one on a M14 (that I've made hits on a 2/3 IPSC plate at 830...
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    Cyke-pod uses?

    I'm hoping to figure out for myself pretty soon how the design features of the Ckye-pod help out as I have the PRS one on the way. I've played with them a bit and some of the advantages that seem obvious to me is tall grass in the field matches we have here out West as well as being able to get...
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    Rangefinder for IPSC to 1500

    For what it's worth I have the Kilo 2400BDX and I've ranged as far as 1980 yards with it (although not on an IPSC sized plate). I was using it at a team field match this weekend and was getting fast returns on an IPSC at 1300+ yards in the rain/drizzle though. The integration with my 5700 elite...
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    2019 Sniper's Hide Cup - Individual & Team Event

    RTC rules stipulate 175-178s at or under 2750 (for .308). .308 is fine for this match, my partner and I have shot this match in Limited the last 2 years and won Limited last year (shooting 175 RDFs). The Kettle Falls RTC match is at the same venue but the venue is huge and neither the COF or...
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    Optic for big gas gun

    I also ran a Mk4 (3.5-10) on an M14 and it held up great for a few thousand rounds. It has a Bushnell LRTSi 3-12 on it now that's held upswell although it doesn't get shot as much anymore so who knows.
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    Switch barrel optic advice

    Yeah, I have all my rifles setup as switch barrels. I just note down what the adjustment is from each caliber in the data book I have for each barrel. The zeros stay pretty consistent but I still check zero and adjust every time I swap a barrel. It's normally not more than a 0.1 or 0.2 off what...
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    anvil 30 vs lh 55 vs sirui k-40x 54mm ball head

    I dunno about the LH 55 but I used to run a K40X and now I run an Anvil-30. I compared them both side by side and found the Anvil to be more stable. I also much prefer having just the one big lever on the Anvil instead of all the knobs on the K40X.
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    Who Uses A Bino Pack

    I use a Kuiu one for team matches. It's not a big deal to shoot prone with it on.
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    Lot to lot velocity changes?

    Yeah, Varget is bad for lot to lot variations, I've had a 50fps swings before. H4350 is better, never had much more than a 10-15fps swing. I always load 5 or 10rds with my current powder charge when I open a new 8lbs jug and compare side by side with ammo with powder for the old lot to see if...
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    OTTO NoizeBarrier earpro same as new Etymotic Elites....

    Thanks for the heads up. Which replacement foam tips have you found to work well?
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    OTTO NoizeBarrier earpro same as new Etymotic Elites....

    I've been using mine since the end of Jan, roughly 4-5 range trips/week, 1 local match and a 2-day NRL match. I've only charged the case once (when it was brand new) and it still shows 70% charge. The plugs themselves have never dropped below 40% for a full day's use. I'm super impressed with...
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    Digital scale/autotrickler set up recommendations

    I just got an A&D FX-120i auto-trickle and auto-thrower combo. My old system was just using my Hornady powder thrower and weighing each charge on a Gempro 250. Both scales resolve down to 0.02gn but the Gempro tends to drift more. It's also much less expensive and when I compared the 2 scales...
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    Soft rifle case

    I’ve got an Armageddon Gear precision rifle case and it’s perfect if you’re looking for something more minimalist rgan a full on drag bag. Tons of padding, super well made and storage space for extras as well.
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    Shitty ES with H4831SC with 110SMKs in 6 Creed?

    Yeah, it's all been annealed with an AMP.
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    Shitty ES with H4831SC with 110SMKs in 6 Creed?

    In case anyone is curious, I swapped to Federal 210M primers today and shot a 10rd 0.56 moa group with an ES of 29. Problem solved as far as I'm concerned and hopefully the new Ad FX-120 I have in the mail will drop a few more fps off the ES.
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    Shitty ES with H4831SC with 110SMKs in 6 Creed?

    Fair enough but not exactly super relevant.
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    Shitty ES with H4831SC with 110SMKs in 6 Creed?

    I've got a few thousand 450s but the Prime/Norma brass is LRP. Gonna try some 250s and some Fed 210Ms if I can find em.
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    Another "Tripod help" thread

    I really like my Anvil-30. currently running it on a PRST tripod. Curious if anyone has compared the PRST to the Leofoto 364C or 404C? They're both heavier than the PRST but I'm assuming a bit steadier as well?
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    Shitty ES with H4831SC with 110SMKs in 6 Creed?

    Prime's brass is Norma, I found I got good results with it on my last barrel. Unfortunately I think the Reloader powders are kind of a pain to source up here in Canada. Worst case, I'll go back to H4350 because I have 16 or so lbs of it but I was hoping that H4831SC would give me good results.