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  1. 702lineman

    Cleaning jag help!

    Put jag in a drill or lathe and use scotch brite or sand paper and turn it down a little till it fits how you want it too
  2. 702lineman

    75 Amax Replacement

    I was in the exact same boat as you not long ago. Try the 75 eld. They have a little longer bullet bto, but just mess with it a little. They will shoot good. Had hits at 1008 and 1085 in a match a few weeks ago with my 223 w/ 75 eld. For the price they have no equal.
  3. 702lineman

    Nightforce ATACR 7-35 MIL-C $sold$

    I sold my uso lr17 for 1300 today if that's a comparison on deals I was giving
  4. 702lineman

    Nightforce ATACR 7-35 MIL-C $sold$

    I sold it for 2600 if you guys must know. Guy got a deal
  5. 702lineman

    Nightforce ATACR 7-35 MIL-C $sold$

    Wrong!!! I sold it locally, and sold it below market value. No reason to drive resale down just because I need money to pump into my businesses inventory
  6. 702lineman

    Nightforce ATACR 7-35 MIL-C $sold$

    This is the best deal on a 7-35 on here, someone take this from me!!
  7. 702lineman


    Lefty savage 22-250AI that I put together for my son. Here is the details Savage action Fluted bolt body Bolt handle Black hole weaponry barrel 26in Xlr element Rifle basics trigger 20 moa scope base Mbm lil beast brake 500-600 rounds on barrel. Savage gets a bad wrap on here but this has...
  8. 702lineman

    USO LR17 3.2-17 MIL GAP $1350 shipped

    I have box and paperwork
  9. 702lineman

    USO LR17 3.2-17 MIL GAP $1350 shipped

    Good condition uso lr17, mil with gap reticle. Capped windage. This is one of my favorite scopes I've owned. Had a lot of them that cost way more but have always loved this one. Good glass, great turrets, just does everything good. Has lived most its life on a 22lr and 223 bolt gun. Scope...
  10. 702lineman

    Nightforce ATACR 7-35 MIL-C $sold$

    Like the title says 7-35 with mil-c. Has been mounted and 5 rounds fired to zero from a 223 bolt gun. Basicly like new. I can get pictures, but it looks like every other new one. Need this gone asap. Will throw in a set of vortex(seekins) 1.1" rings for 100 bucks
  11. 702lineman

    WTT/WTB: .224 Berger 90 VLD

    I have about 300-400 95 gr I would part with. PM me a list of other stuff you have. 80gr Berger 224 would be great
  12. 702lineman

    Left Hand Actions: Who makes them???

    The bolt face deal isnt that big of a deal, almost all of these companies sell extra bolts, which is actually going to be faster to swap. I just sold a defiance that I have owned for a few years. I had a case head separation a couple years ago and it bent the extractor and messed up the...
  13. 702lineman

    lefty Impact 737r action **FOUND**

    Find any extras? I dicked around too long and missed the pre order
  14. 702lineman

    223 in a BH Origin??

    I have two mdt mags and 1 accurate mag. The mdt both have the follower hang up on them every once in a while. Accurate mag is much smoother feeding also
  15. 702lineman

    USO Optical Quality?

    I feel the same, wasnt a big fan of it till I had one, now I actually like it quite a bit.
  16. 702lineman

    lefty Impact 737r action **FOUND**

    Just spoke with impact today. Pre order them. They will be done June 1st
  17. 702lineman

    Scope recommendation for prairie dog hunting?

    Been pdogging numerous times. If 500 is your budget get a 12x swfa or maybe a used vortex viper pst. You dont need 26x for them unless you are really going to air it out. What caliber are you shooting and what grain of bullet? That will make a huge difference. Buy more ammo is all I can say...
  18. 702lineman

    US Optics or Nightforce

    I have a 7-35 atacr and also a uso lr17. Just sold a er25 a bit ago. They are both great. No complaints. I sent my er25 in for service and checkup right before I sold it and had a quick turn around. Just a couple weeks including shipping from Illinois to Montana and back. My opinion they are...