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    How republicans are not offending gun owners while banning Semi Autos

    I don’t disagree with you, but the pragmatic side of me realizes our reality doesn’t mesh with that. The SC has decided what the 2A means, our only recourse is with in the state legislature. If we get 51% of the states to back 2A then that in effect becomes the law of the land thereby...
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    How republicans are not offending gun owners while banning Semi Autos

    If anyone is interested in what IS rather than the propaganda the NRA has told you, start here:
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    How republicans are not offending gun owners while banning Semi Autos

    He's up to 64 Dimensions now.
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    How republicans are not offending gun owners while banning Semi Autos

    Not according to the Supreme court. The reality is, 2A protections are very narrow, many folks think otherwise like you but are wrong.
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    Well then that explains it.
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    You guys blink?
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    The electronic ear pro at best will equal foam ear plugs. For me it’s foam ear plugs under a pair of these: I’ve got the in ear electronic for matches so I...
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    AB Analytics

    You can’t account for AJ with your zero or you shouldn’t because AJ only happens when there is wind present and the direction of the AJ is dependent on the relative wind (to the bullet). If you’ve zeroed in wind you’ve introduced error as your no wind zero will in fact have AJ factored in. A...
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    Eventually, you'll stop blinking because you won't be able to hear anything, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    "the Deep State"
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    AB Analytics

    The elevation is Aerodynamic Jump. Then there is spin drift and the G7 curve:ROFLMAO: (the last sentence is for Frank).
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    Last step before Swarovski or Hensoldt?

    I've got the Vortex 27-60, it's a good value but it gets dark towards the high end of the magnification range. I wish it was lower magnification, I think an 85mm objective with a 12-40 power would be perfect, actually what would be perfect is if Vortex would make a Mark 4 clone.
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    Kahles Warranty?

    Yes sir! Are you shopping around or do you have a problem with your 624i? I’ve got one and would be interested to know what you’re experience is if your sending it in.
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    Kahles Warranty?

    Here ya go.
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    WTS 26" proof research 6.5 creedmoor AI prefit

    Is it steel or carbon fiber?
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    Why do Frank Galli & Jacob Bynum run AI guns?

    There was a thread about what spare parts you need to bring to a match, things like triggers and such. I don't feel like I need to lug around spare parts for my AI, it just works. As far as the purchase decision goes I didn't want uncertainty, there isn't any with AI. For the OP, I started with...
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    The ideal scope, for me.

    Here ya go:)
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    Poor professionalism

    LOL, I'm assuming you'd want a color or barrel, not in stock. Mile High is also the only AI service center in the US and if you call them you can actually talk to their gunsmith who has been through AI's training program. When I bought my AI there was a lot I didn't know about AI and how their...
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    Best place to Buy?

    CS Tactical is awesome, great customer support.
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    Anyone have pet insurance?

    You need to read about this: