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  1. Birddog6424

    F/S; BNIB Hornady 6mm Creedmoor Brass

    I have 3 boxes of unopened (150 pieces) Hornady 6mm Creedmoor brass. $85 shipped. No trades please. Will take PayPal Gift.
  2. Birddog6424

    F/S; Gunwerks BR2500 Ballistic LRF Cert

    I have a 50% discount certificate for the Gunwerks BR2500 ballistic software laser rangefinder. It's an $800 value. Asking $450. PayPal Gift or cleared check. No trades please. Information below;
  3. Birddog6424

    F/S; 55% Discount Certificate on any Kahles Scope *SOLD*

    I have a certificate good for any Kahles scope good till the end of the year. It's 55% off MSRP, so I called Kahles and got their MSRP on a few popular scopes so you will know what you're looking at. I'm dropping the price to $1000 for the certificate, The price examples below reflect the new...
  4. Birddog6424

    F/S; AICS 5 RD Mag / Ergo Tactical Grip W/Palmshelf

    Just selling a couple items I won't use/no longer need. I have a very lightly used 5 round AICS magazine in 308. It has less than 100 rounds through it. $40 shipped. A brand new in the box Ergo Tactical grip with the palm shelf in FDE. $30 shipped. A good opportunity to shave a few shekels...
  5. Birddog6424

    What a Deal on the XTR II!!

    $200 off on all high magnification XTR II's, taken right at the register, no waiting for a rebate check!! Good through March 31st!
  6. Birddog6424

    F/S; Nightforce 5-25x56 ATACR Gift Certificate *PRICE DROP*

    I have a gift certificate for $600 off an MSRP of $3100 for the 5-25 (the 7-35 is already sold). Asking $125 Price drop to $100 I take Paypal Gift or will ship after a cleared check. Shipped USPS with a tracking number...
  7. Birddog6424

    AI Does NOT want more US Gun Control

    To help those coming in from FB Sniper’s Hide took the time on Friday to reach out to Tom Irwin of Accuracy International Regarding the Article in “The Evening Standard”. Tom called me that evening from a Hockey Game to set the record...
  8. Birddog6424

    F/S. Nightforce ATACR Gift Certificates *PRICE DROP*

    I have ONE $600 ATACR Gift Certificates left. The 5-25x 56, THE 7-35X56 IS SOLD!!! I am asking $200 for each of them. Pricing is based on MSRP, which is $3100 for the 5-25. I'll mail...
  9. Birddog6424

    6.5 Guys Review of BLAMM Enterprises

    BLAMM Enterprises has some great equipment for precision rifle shooters and competitors. Ed and Steve post up a pretty good review of his products. The DOPE card is excellent. I use it, I think it's the best design on the market.
  10. Birddog6424

    F/S; Jae Allen Chassis 50% Discount Certificate **PRICE DROP**

    I have a certificate to Jae Allen Enterprises for 50% off a chassis of any color, and a free cheek piece engraving. Their chassis run for $1800 or $1900 with side rails, so you can save $900 to $950. The cheek piece engraving is a $200 value. I'm asking $600 for the certificate. I'll mail USPS...
  11. Birddog6424

    Sig Kilo mounts and weapon mounted Data Cards

    A good friend of mine has started a company called BLAMM Enterprises and he has rolled out some fantastic products. He has an excellent Sig Kilo mount at a lot less money than what's currently on the market. And his weapon mounted data card is brilliant. He's been selling this stuff as fast as...
  12. Birddog6424

    F/S: Odin Works Handguard Certificate *Price Drop**

    This certificate is good for any Odinworks handguard. $150 Paypal Gift or cleared check. Will mail out the day funds are cleared. Price Drop to $130!! {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/\/jIOhQqn.jpg"}
  13. Birddog6424

    Burris Optics at the JC Steel Challenge

    Burris was a big sponsor of the JC Steel Challenge in Benge, Washington this past weekend. Jeff Spaulding of Caracal USA donated two AR15s that we used from the Helicopter stage. Burris donated two of the new 1-8 XTR II's with PEPR mounts to go up top. They also provided several of the new HD...
  14. Birddog6424

    F/S; SOLD $500 Manners Stock Gift Certificate

    Asking $300 I will take PayPal Gift or cleared check. I'll mail it the day I receive funds. this HTML class. Value is Manners https://imgu
  15. Birddog6424

    WTB: Single Stage Calvin Elite or Jewel HVR

    I have a 700 footprint action I need a trigger for. If anyone has one they are looking to sell. I need a right hand safety but no bolt release.
  16. Birddog6424

    F/S; $1000 Discount Certificate for a Desert Tech HTI

    This is for $1000 off the purchase of a Desert Tech HTI rifle from Special Purpose Rifles. Hell of a nice rifle for someone in the market. $75. I take Paypal Gift or a Money Order. {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/\/nDdn0vQ.jpg"}
  17. Birddog6424

    From Boise Idaho

    Just bought a .308 gas gun that doubles as my Heavy Metal 3 Gun and my dabble in the kiddie pool long range gun. So I came to SH to try to figure out the best way to start competing. I am registered for a big local PRS event in September, and hope to hit a few matches prior to that one. I...