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    Extra-crispy Democrat Dignity in a Bucket

    I'm sitting here watching the dignified, stately National Day of Prayer ceremony ar the White House, and trying to forget the circus side-show orchestrated by Jerry Nadler, et al. this morning. These are the people who presume themselves to hold the...
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    I Wonder If We Knew This Guy

    Watch what you say these days, lest they take you for a truly bent piece of work hell-bent on destruction. Kind of a semi-paltry assemblage by typical standards...
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    Three Strikes on the Three Stripes

    From Yahoo News:
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    Peak-a-Bob, We Seeeeeeeeeee You!

    Silly asshole. Video at the link. My, how discomfited you are, Bobby. Love the turnabout.
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    So, Is It Too Early to Begin the Award Process?

    I put the question before you.
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    Repeat The Lie Until It Becomes The Truth

    Everywhere you turn, it's The Velveteen Rabbit, over, and over, and over again.
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    Veer Cooks

    1st course, NYE 2018-2019: GAMBAS AL AJILLO [SIZE=4][COLOR=rgb(255, 255, 255)]Gambas al ajillo, or prawns/shrimp (shrimp are camarones) in garlic sauce...
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    Freedom of Toilet Expression in The Garden State
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    Why Not to Buy An AK ...

    Holy AK Files, Batman! Beats himself up a bit over his obsession ...
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    WhatsApp-riled Mexican Mob Beat, Immolate Pair Solely on Rumor

    Coming soon in a caravan rolling across the border near you? I'm reminded of our roofers this summer, apparent illegals who hadn't ponied up gas money between them to run the generator to operate the nail gun/s provided...
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    Nancy, Chuck, the Little Girl from Westchester County, and Elijah, et al., P!ssed Me Off So Much That ...

    I found myself making a home for yet another orphan, whose former owner had to put it into the "pound" because he was going into an old age home. It just looked at me pitifully, and I couldn't say no. You're thinking, no...
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    Turns out Corona Virus threat is all horsecrap.

    He's still trying to pronounce "epidemiologist."
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    Ugly Psycho Goes on Grocery Store Rampage

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    Turns out Corona Virus threat is all horsecrap.

    And not your problem if you're carrying it and pass it on, right?