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    SOLD Swarovski EL 10x50 Priced for quick sale $1750

    Yeah, it is, I hate to sell them but I don't have any use for them anymore. They are amazing to look through.
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    SOLD Kahles K16i 3GR reticle

    Kahles K16i 3GR reticle I bought this scope 08/21/18 from Euro Optic, I've got an opportunity to pick another toy I've had my eye on for a while and need to raise funds. The scope has seen very light use and is as new. It comes with a Seekins Precision MX mount, AADMOUNT scope caps and the box...
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    New 10/22

    When are you going to get that out to the range? I’m curious to see how it shoots. How much $$ to you have in as is?
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    K525 SUCKS !!!!! SB PM2 5-25 vs K525 VS TT525P

    So much drama, sell you K525 and don’t buy another. I’ll give ya $2k for that horrible 525i, deal?
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    K525 SUCKS !!!!! SB PM2 5-25 vs K525 VS TT525P

    I'm not talking about the FOV, I'm talking about the POA in the photos, with the TT and the S&B the POA was the same with the K525i the large targets are close to the edge of the FOV. Your photos show what everyone already knows, Kahles scopes have trouble with CA, the thing Kahles does very...
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    K525 SUCKS !!!!! SB PM2 5-25 vs K525 VS TT525P

    Guess nobody noticed, the photos of the TT & SB the point of aim puts the large targets closer to the center of FOV. The photos of the K525i the point of aim puts the large targets at the edge of the FOV. It does look like the K525i lags the TT and S&B but that’s not really news. Those photos...
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    AR 15 for long range precision

    I’m in the same boat, I’ve been looking at Compass Lake, you can get their lower for $100 and add the exact pieces and parts you want. I’ve got a bunch of parts lying around so I’m considering that and just selling the DD.
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