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    ISO Dasher Headspace Gauge

    I'm looking for a 6mm Dasher go gauge if anyone has one they'd be willing to rent or sell to me. I just want to confirm the headspace of a shouldered pre-fit barrel on my action. If you have a gauge you're not currently using but want to keep, I'd be willing to pay you to rent the gauge for a...
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    Nuke & the BR?

    Yes, that is the catch for them. What worked for me was to just toss my magazines into an ultrasonic cleaner full of rubbing alcohol after each match. Never had any issues because that kept them plenty clean.
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    Nuke & the BR?

    With my Nucleus action I ran ARC mags with no magazine kit and never had any feeding issues. Just tapped it against my leg before inserting it to make sure the rounds were all the way against the rear.
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    [Video] Police Snipers train for Super Bowl LIV

    The real question is why these people shooting rifles in "practical scenarios" are using those damn gamer tripods!
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    WTS Impact Precision 737R 6BR Barreled Action

    I'd actually take that deal. My own left knee has a nasty habit of dislocating itself, so one that stays put would be nice to have.
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    WTT M5 Mausingfield Rail - My 30 MOA For Your 20 MOA

    Sure, I wouldn't be opposed to that.
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    WTS Impact Precision 737R 6BR Barreled Action

    Price drop, added photos of groupings with load data, and added the option of buying pre-formed brass at a discount too.
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    Colorado Tripod company 4-series

    My biggest question has to do with the fact that there are seemingly two different Colorado Tripod Companies operating that both are selling a 2-series tripod w/ column and a 4-series tripod without. Anyone want to offer some clarification on that since now it appears both of the "4-series"...
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    Tempted to spring for my first high dollar scope.......ATACR or PMii?

    I own a Schmidt, but I'll honestly say that it's 100% personal preference between the two brands. Which turrets do you like the look/feel of more? Do you prefer a magnification ring, or would you like your entire eyepiece to be your magnifier (meaning scope caps will spin too)? Do you like...
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    Crux suppressors

    The statement from Crux and from online about crack fixes seems to imply they had good support, albeit a clearly shitty product if so many people were sending in cracked suppressor sleeves. Regardless of that fixing and returning a cracked suppressor in 2-4 weeks was completely unheard of, yet...
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    Leica PRS 5-30×56 with PRB Reticle

    If you read the article you can see the explanation from the reticle's designer himself. He left very little vertical stadia because he likes to use the top half of the scope for observation and wanted it free of any reticle marks. I disagree with that line of thinking because a full vertical...
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    Athlon Argos vs Vortex Diamondback

    They can just stop servicing their optics if they decide to do so - there are examples of it happening before. Owners of Premier scopes are very lucky that Tangent Theta is honoring any warranty repairs. Besides that, even if they do continue to honor the warranty it's a garbage warranty...