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    What is the quietest 9mm handgun suppressor you know of?

    Like the title says. I am looking for a suppressor for my 9mm M&P 1.0. I was looking at the Ti-rant and Osprey 9mm
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    Anyone shot any Q company 30cal silencers

    Background: I ordered my lower for my 300 SBR build last week. I want to order a suppressor and do all my NFA paperwork at the same time. I also own an AR in 308 that is fairly accurate. The can will spend most of its time on the SBR, but will see use on both. It will be used as a range toy, a...
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    Vortex PST Gen II 5-25x

    Is this a good scope fist focal plane scope for the cost. I am planning to buy a used one from this site later. I plan to use it to learn distance shooting up to a thousand yards for paper and targets. I would also like your hear other suggestions for quality scopes in this mag range. For...
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    Entry level precision bolt in 6.5 Creedmoor, a lefty can use. Savage vs Weatherby

    This is not my only project, but I am falling in love with shooting. Time is my friend on this. I am willing to wait for a good sell and purchase used to knock down cost. I am a nearly a bolt virgin. Only fired one once, and it was suppressed. I am left eye dominant, looking for standard righty...
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    I found some Ambidextrous Reciecer sets, what do you think?

    I am researching completely ambi reciever sets to buy for an 300 BO SBR or 6.5 Grendel build (not an SBR). I wanted get your opinions and suggestions. I am not looking for a magpul bad lever. 1. American Defense is in the lead now. Although I dislike the aesthetics of the lower, they have great...
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    Where do you get your good quality ammo from?

    I have only shot Fed gold medal match in my rifle. The one exception resulted in a blown primer. I had to fish metal out of my chamber for 2 days to get my bolt back into battery, and open my rifle. Freedom Munitions seems to be going out of their way to make things right. I am looking for a...
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    Hey Thunderbeast Guys and Sig guys. Questions about Ultra 7, 9, and SRD762TI-qd.

    How much quieter is the Ultra 9 than the 7? At near the muzzle, and at the shooters ear with 308 (18.5 in) and 300 Blackout (10.5 in)? How does the Ultra 9 and 7 compare to the Sig SRD762TI-qd? I hate the name of the Sig, but love what I have seen so far. I am not sure which has the best poi...
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    HPA Drama and Rant

    Funny, but sad I sincerely hope he is wrong.