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    Rem 700 BDL 6 digit M40 donor 6mm Rem

    Another trip to the top.
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    Seekins HAVAK Precision Rifle

    Looking good! Now would also be the time to open up the barrel channel to a off the shelf contour. This would make life easy when new pipe day rolls around. LRI is second to none in the inletting game.
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    Seekins HAVAK Precision Rifle

    I put my 6.5CM in a XLR chassis and had to remove. 075" off of the mag release. This allowed the AICS mags to properly seat and function. I'm not sure if anyone else that tried one in a stock or chassis has had to do this same modification.
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    Any mountain bikers out there 2.0

    My son and I ride as much as possible.
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    WOA New A4 Service Rifle Optic Upper with Keystone mount

    For Sale: New never fired White Oak service rifle upper with new old stock Keystone accuracy scope mount. The White Oak A4 Service Rifle Optic Upper is perfect for the new CMP rules allowing the use of optics in Service Rifle matches. This upper is the same White OakAR15 Service Rifle Upper...
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    Rem 700 Long Action, Std bolt face

    For Sale: Rem 700 long action with standard bolt face. The J lock shroud has been removed but has not been replaced with a non J lock. Factory trigger included. $250.00 Shipped