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  • Regarding the 34mm Seekins "low" rings you have for sale. Are they the low (.92 inch) or the high (1.0 ) inch rings (per Seekins site). I am looking for a set of the .92 inch ring.
    It is a C529 which is the top of the line NXS and this one is 50 mm. Has sunshade, Tennebrex caps, original box and papers. In near perfect condition but if you look hard you can discern ring marks from the previous mounting.

    I want $1850 for it. You can get em new for a bit over 2000 so this is not a killer deal and actually I am not Jonesing to sell it. Somewhtere down the line I will re use it most likely if I dont sell it.

    I have a Mil R on my 300 WM and like that reticle for the ELR stuff but think the Mil Dot is working well for the 308 out to 1200.

    Let me know if you re interested. If not good luck with your search.
    I have a very gently used NF 5.5-22 x 50 NXS SFP Mil R that was only mounted once. Decided to go more simply and put a NF Mil Dot on so it is sitting in my safe for past two weeks. Illumination, zero stop on this one.

    Oops re read yur post and you want a ATACR SFP sorry to bother you with the smaller scope. HOwever I love NF SFP scopes. Good luck in your quest
    If you can do $60 shipped on the nightforce low steel rings, I'll take them.
    let me know,
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