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    (SOLD) accuracy international AX short action chassis

    I’ll take it per our pm’s
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    Robar SR-90

    I’m the last continuously active plank holder on my department’s SRT team, which was formed in 2001. I still have the first rifle I used for sniper duty, a Remington .308, built by Robar. Their work was impeccable. I had a stack of stuff I had intended to send in for the Np3 treatment, but...
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    @RAVAGE88 What’s the chance of you guys producing a scope rail for the Voodoo that is extended and height matched for use with the AX chassis with a top rail? Maybe I’m the only one that would want this, I don’t know, as I’ve not seen any other comments related to this. But, I put my V22...
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    Good news from china...

    They’ll just wait till you’re dead, because you weren’t wearing a mask, and then take your shit without asking. ;)
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    I just got my voodoo a couple of weeks ago. Due to work, I have only been able to shoot it once. I tried some CCI SV that I had on hand, while I wait for the SK and Lapua to be delivered. It shot pretty well, although I didn't measure any groups. I did have the issue that's been described...
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    ***sold***Safariland 6390RDS Multicam

    I’ll take it per our pm’s.
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    Athlon Argos zero shift

    Check mount, rings, and action bolts for tightness (proper torque). If that’s ok, swap the optic for another that’s known to be good.
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    Prepare now

    Who would have thought that the entire country could be crippled by Kung Flu? Where’s David Carradine when we need him?
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    Made a careless dumb mistake yesterday!

    I once opened a box of .45 ACP (50 ct.) to find 49 .45’s and one .40 S&W. I know it came from the factory that way because I was an FFL holder, at the time, and it was a box that came directly from a distributor in a sealed case. It always pays to look before you load.
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    best bug out backpack with long rifle scabbard.... thoughts please

    I have the G4 and the Maverick 41 system. I like them both, depending on the intended use. I use mine as an LE sniper, where the furthest I’ve ever had to carry a pack was 1.5 - 2 miles. The average has been 200 yards or less. I use the G4 primarily for call outs, with the muzzle end of the...
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    I’ll take this per our pm’s.
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    After market adjustable cheek piece by Joe Ducos

    @jducos A couple of posters asked earlier if you install adjustable length of pull hardware in addition to the adjustable cheek piece. I am also interested in this information. I have a McMillan Magnum Rimfire stock that I plan on sending to you for the loggerhead install, and I would like...
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    Nightforce NXS F1 3.5-15 Mil/Mil

    Do both have the MLR 2.0?
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    limited No Dye - Available now!

    Got my No Dye CAL last week. The color is awesome. It looks even better on my rifle than I anticipated.
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    WOW - smoking good deal!!!!

    Like many others, I wasn't aware of this option until I found this thread. Paid up today...gladly. Keep up the good work LL.