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    Snipershide Safe Space

    Make it out of a Pancho liner or woobie if you prefer
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    RIP, Tucker

    First off takes a special kind of stupid, since you cannot legally shoot any animal not on your property or land in which you have permission.
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    selling barreled action online

    I purchased a barreled action here and it was easy. Just need to get the ffl info and give them a call. Make sure if they will take it directly from a private seller or if it need to go through a FFL. My FFL just required a copy of the seller's drivers license.
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    Reminder, Protect yourself at all Times

    Thanks Frank. I been here a little while and I probably bought more than I have sold here. I am glad to have had good experiences with Hide members. As far as political stuff, I wouldn't say it on the internet if I wouldn't say it to your face. Stay vigilant people and watch out for those scammers.
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    Bloomberg might be out of the race

    I don't know, since I already dislike him.
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    The Arken Optics Thread (merged)

    After receiving my Arken Scope I saw the return address, so I decide to google it. Turns out it was a storage location in Frisco TX. If you have your paper work after getting a scope from them go ahead and google the address.
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    Bloomberg might be out of the race

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    Not a for sale thread but....

    Depends on which color you order
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    Not a for sale thread but....

    Boyd’s AT one stock new is $200
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    Tag for later
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    Former ATF Agent says Agency is full of SH!t

    Abolish the ATF because it infringes on the Second Amendment. There, problem solved. Ok that will never happen. So, the Republicans aren't going to write any gun laws, so the DemonRats will do it. They will intentionally or just by pure ignorance write up laws that are too general and turn the...
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    Pin and weld

    I have two 14.5 pin and welded so I don't need to do an ATF 5320.20 and still use my suppressors when leaving the state. When in state I use a 11.5 upper on my SBR.
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    CZ is a major addiction I have. I have: 4 P-07s 9mm 1 Scorpion pistol 9mm 1 Scorpion carbine 9mm 1 SP01 Shadow 9mm 1 CZ 75 SAO 9mm 1 CZ 75 compact 9mm 1 CZ 75 Tactical Sport .40 On order: CZ 457 Varmint Precision Trainer 16.5 bbl CZ 457 Varmint AT 1 16.5 bbl