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    How do you practice for PRS?

    Best practice is more matches. I can dry fire and practice my butt off, but if I'm not shooting in actual competions I feel like I'm getting rusty. Something about going through the exercise of shooting in match scenarios under time and competitive pressure helps make the setting familiar. When...
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    Wind calls for targets at multiple locations from same shooting position

    If the wind is coming straight at you or away from you along the 400M line, it can make a ton of difference. :)
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    Accuracy expectations for a PRS rifle

    Yes. You won't hear it advertised publicly, but I know of situations where national level matches have been WON with a gun that was shooting close to 1MOA. Time's running out, gun's not shooting good, no time to change barrels or redo load development, just load it and go shoot. Good enough...
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    Bighorn TL-3 Bolt Knob

    Thanks for the recommendation. I ended up going this route for my TL3's. After a lot of messing around with my current bolt knob in different positions I decided I wanted something that was at least 0.25" longer than the stock knob. I drew up a custom handle with my own dimensions and he made it...
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    Newbie Advice on Current Equip 308 Recoil Management.

    It's going to be hard to spot impacts no matter what you do, but you're on the right track working the path towards managing recoil. Main goal is get the recoil of the gun to track straight backwards and to make clean trigger pulls without flinching/blinking (as much as is possible). If you can...
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    Dialing vs hold over

    Dial whenever possible, unless constrained by time or by stage requirements. I will do a mix of hold over or hold under, depending on target size/distance and wind hold required. Gotta be on point on your mental prep, it's very easy to hold the wrong thing especially when you start to mix in...
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    Cleaning Off Lube Using A Progressive Press

    Two step process for me. Run all the brass through the press to size it (deprime, FL die, mandrel die), then tumble it in corn-cob until clean and store it as "ready to load". Then use a separate toolhead and load ammo as needed (prime, powder, seat bullet). Helps to have a large amount of brass...
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    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    27.5" Heavy Varmint, 6BRA.
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    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    Trying a new stock and a couple other changes for my rifle this season. Digging it so far.
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    Another Spotter Recommendation Thread; Advice Needed

    IMO clearest spotter this side of a $2k+ Swaro or Kowa is the Meopta S2 20-70x82. If you're looking for a good deal the Cabelas Euro 20-70x82 is the same spotting scope (but with a fixed eye piece) and can usually be had used around $1200 or so.
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    Lubrication for FL sizing

    When I'm in a hurry I grab the lid for the tupperware container I have the brass in and use it to fan air on the cases to get the alcohol to evaporate. Stirring while fanning them can get them "tacky" and ready to size quite quickly, maybe only 2-3 minutes tops. The alternate option is lubing...
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    6 BR Newer Lapua Brass, No Neck Turn. Which size bushing?

    .266 is what I've used with blue box to get 0.002 neck tension.
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    Question on Spin Drift experiment

    I think Litz or AB did a side by side with matching left twist and right twist barrels fired simultaneously. That said I still think AB engine over estimates spin drift, I back the twist rate off in my Kestrel until SD works out to about 0.2 mils at 1k yards.
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    6mm Dasher

    I believe that Alpha has a tiny bit less capacity, but not drastically different. One other thing to check is neck diameter vs chamber diameter. A friend of mine just had to neck turn 500 pieces of brass since his chamber was .271 and his neck dia was .270.
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    Yep. I have a single dummy round I made, just seating a bullet in a primerless empty case. Most practice days I'll run 5 shots per mag on whatever drill I'm working on. I grab 5 live rounds, the one dummy round, then move them around in my hands or put them in a pile so I cant tell which one...