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    Need a AK for the new year.

    as another potion at a god price and the most accurate 7.62X39 rifle i have shot. PTR-32 this is the typical groups at 100yds it shoots
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    Let's discuss 350 Legend

    jeees guy your the one that called the 375 win a bottle neck cartridge not me. your problem is your problem in michigan. i dont like the design of the case, or are we not allowed to do that on here for fear of hurting someones feelings??? the other cartridges i mentioned were for comparison and...
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    Let's discuss 350 Legend

    the 375 no the 45/70 yes a company is making an ar-10 in it so. my comment was using a cartridge case mouth to headspace with especially in a semi-auto and the chances of a catastrophic over pressure that could occur with this cartridge case. you guys up north need to get your who ever to fix...
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    Let's discuss 350 Legend

    not a problem in ohio any straight walled case
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    Let's discuss 350 Legend

    uh lash where you been, 375 win is straight walled case as is the 38-55 win and have been straight wall cases. and in the 38-55 win has been around since 1889!!! you sir should look things up before you let your ignorance shine. 375 right 45/70 left
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    Let's discuss 350 Legend

    all i needed to know is the 350L uses the cartridge mouth to headspace on. this to me is a big no-no as it pertains to higher presversion sure rifle rounds' in a bolt action rifle probably not to much of an issue, but in a semi-auto what happens whewn someone has to long of brass and the BCG...
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    Savage 110 elite precision

    hey fellows here is the link to my thread on using 250 savage case as with using new powders this cartridge came alive. getting money together for a 1/8 twist barrel as you'll see i got Berger 115gr to 3050+ FPS and no problems with brass or primers. also i did a big thread on how to make your...
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    Anyone here with 7.62x39 pistol/SBR suppressed?

    have had my zastava M92 7.62X39 pistol for 5 years now and have been thinking about putting a can on it' it has a 10.25" barrel on it and across my chrono runs 2100-2150 FPS and i have many 10 for ten shots on 10" gongs at 200 yardfs and with a 3X scope on itll do it at 300 0n 12" gongs...
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    PTR 32 vs Mk 47

    thanks yes it is , i'm thinking of putting on wood furniture, maybe i hate to mess with something that works good.
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    PTR 32 vs Mk 47

    hey i love mine..... oh the PTR 32 it is very accurate and because the 7.62X39 isnt a high pressure round the chamber flutes hardly leave a mark on brass cases. this rifle gets very accurate with hand loads. thtas a 100 yard 5 shot group. SB
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    25 Creedmoor

    well im sticking with the 250 savage, mcgowan makes savage prefit in 1:8 twist barrels. i have easily got 42grs of reloader 17 under berger 115 gr hunter/match bullets. started seeing flattened primers. bumped back to 40grs and much better and an avg 3065 fps but the 1:10 twist barrel doesnt...
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    6.5x55 for PRS

    well if you get a 6.X55 with the correct throat you wouldn't need to do anything else, the standard load for it was with 156 gr round nose bullets. i have no problems loading up 140gr hornady SST's with 48grs of IMR 4831 and getting 2800+ FPS with sub 1" groups at a 100. our gun makers are...
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    What are your experiences with short-barreled 7.62 x 39 guns?

    sorry forgot to tell you a 4 piece AK muzzle brake can be adjusted to eliminate almost all of the muzzle flash. check them out on youtube SB
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    What are your experiences with short-barreled 7.62 x 39 guns?

    the zastava M92 is about the best of what your looking for. 10.25" barrel and only loses between 150-200 FPS from a 16,25" barrel. with a decent red dot mines good to 200 yards easy.
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    SBR to compliment a Precision Bolt Rifle in your gear

    this is mine 7.62X39 M92 extremely reliable and accurate plus its still a pistol so i can carry it concealed. SB