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    Ruger RPR vs Hawkeye Long Range Target (6.5PRC)

    Entertaining reading back through this thread! I ended up buying a Tikka T3x CTR in 6.5CM. Have about 300 rounds through it and couldn't be happier. Shoots 1/2moa all day with Hornady 140gr ELD-M factory ammo. Just starting load development on it since the custom knife market died with the...
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    Wine Thread

    I like this cellar. Single bottle depth? Is this a custom unit? Who builds it? Bob
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    Wine Thread

    Almost the top shelf in our cooler.
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    What's Your View II

    Spring has sprung here in North Texas. Wife and I ate dinner on the back patio while the boys tried not to look interested. Bob Bob
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    WTB - Glock 19, Gen4, full FDE

    Bump for the weekend crowd. Still looking. Bob
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    Getting factory barrel off Tikka T3x lite

    I just clamped it to one of my workbenches with a pair of large C-clamps. Clamping it at the corner of the bench allowed me to bring one C-clamp from behind and keep it out of the way of the wrench. I think I'm going to Cerakote my vise. Bob
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    Getting factory barrel off Tikka T3x lite

    My Wally Cooper barrel vise arrived today. Had to open up the notch on one of the bushings just a tad and then it locked down tight. Took about four good blows on the wrench with a five pound dead blow hammer and it broke loose. Thanks everyone! Bob
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    WTB - Glock 19, Gen4, full FDE

    Specifically looking for the factory stock, Gen 4, full FDE (frame & slide), G19 in new or near new condition. I can do F2F in the DFW area or you would need to be willing to ship to my FFL. Shoot me a message if you can hook a brother up. Bob
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    Getting factory barrel off Tikka T3x lite

    I ordered one of these today. Would have liked to make it myself but, with all the shutdowns and social distancing, I didn't think going to my steel suppliers would be a good idea. I have plenty of aluminum bar on hand so, if need be, I can turn a custom bushing. Bob
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    Getting factory barrel off Tikka T3x lite

    Yeah...trying to keep the unfired barrel in good shape so I can recoup some cost on this project. That sounds like a good system. I always try to use the "least time invested" system first but, I can see where I may end up doing something like this. Bob
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    Getting factory barrel off Tikka T3x lite

    Probably have a few more weeks to wait on my X-caliber barrel but, I really want to get the factory barrel off the action while I have some spare time. I tried making some blocks out of oak and clamping with rosin in both my bench vise and in my shop press and putting a 31mm wrench on the...
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    Tikka CTR or Varmint?

    If they would still import the varmint in .308, I would buy one and put it in a KRG Bravo for CTR mags. I'm not a huge fan of .308 these days but, I still like the idea of keeping something in the safe than can shoot cheap military surplus ammo. Bob
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    Steiner T5Xi 5-25X56 SCR $1050, Spuhr SP-4601 $350 - SOLD Please Remove

    If still available, I will take one of the scopes. Bob
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    First precision rifle

    I also highly recommend the Tikka T3x CTR. My 6.5 Creedmoor shot right at 1/2moa at 100yd out of the box with Hornady American Gunner 140gr. I've seen some nice groups from the .308win models as well. You will not get a CTR and a Vortex Razor for under $2k even if both are used. One of the best...
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    If you go to the Tikka prefit ordering form at PBB, you have an option now for variable shoulder or fixed shoulder. Bob