Ranger Bob

Retired Army, now a full time knife maker specializing in high end custom folders. You can check out my work at RangermadeKnives.com if you're interested.

Been shooting all my life. Spent a couple years as a sniper and sniper section leader in the Army and also served on battalion staff as the Sniper Employment Officer and wrote the units' Sniper Employment TAC-SOP. Also taught sniper operations to units in Thailand.

As a Drill Sergeant, I trained thousands of new recruits in Basic Rifle Marksmanship and Advanced Rifle Marksmanship. I trained with a Delta/RTB MTT program that develops unit level trainers to provide intensive training in CQB/CQM, demolitions and breaching. I worked with DA and TRADOC to develop technical manuals for many of the small arms mounted optic and laser aiming devices fielded during the early 2000's.

There's more to this story but, I'd have to know you better.
Dec 14, 1966 (Age: 53)
Sanger, Texas



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