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    Rv wiring help please!

    Funny thing about cheaper batteries. My Cadillac CTS needed a battery so I bought the gold series from Advance Auto. It came with a 3yr warranty. At 2yrs, 11 months, it died. They replaced it, no questions asked. Just under 3yrs later, yep, dead again, so another free battery. Two days...
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    Rv wiring help please!

    I run a pair (24v) in the front hatch of my skiff. The hull on my Hewes is flat bottomed with a modified V. With the hull design, batteries take a huge beating whenever I'm running in more than a 1' chop. Running in the mangroves or up/down river doesn't pose a problem, but crossing the bay or...
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    Shit! I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.
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    Rv wiring help please!

    I don't do tournaments, nor do I want to carry spare batteries around. What I do want is total reliability and long life with really long run times. I have that with these batteries. I understand being able to buy three Wally world batteries for the price of one, but I can't afford cheap...
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    Rv wiring help please!

    Been there, done that way too many times. Those cheap assed batteries always fail at the worst possible time. I have Oddessy 1500 batteries for my trolling motor. The only reason the main battery isn't the same brand is because it failed and wouldn't even jump start on a weekday fishing trip...
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    Good Date Movie

    The Ladies Man. Or, if you're testing her to see just how much shit she'll put up with, then The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Of she puts up with that movie, you can get away with anything.
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    RCBS Chargemaster.... Upgrade or Offload

    If you guys don't like your Chargemasters, I've got $50 lying around I could send you in trade...
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    Good Date Movie

    Yep, that's a movie everyone should see, at least once. Maybe that's the reason for the "eye" thing he has going on.
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    Rem 700 5r barreled receiver

    Buy it Larry, you could turn it into a 220 Swift. :p:p:p
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    I didn't notice that when it was shown on the news this morning. First 777 landing at Davis Monthan, AFB and going to the museum.
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    Good Grief: Muppet TMI

    Local news made a bit of a joke about the stupidity behind this.
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    Spotter/Sniper dialogue

    Damn, he sounds like the Male version of Barbara Walters..
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    So unlike everybody else charging us for bases, Poland offers to pay 2 Billion for us to build a new base

    2 billion invested now will pay much more over the next 20yrs. Like any base/fort located across the world, the economic impact is huge.
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    1967 Camaro in DFW

    You can HAVE my EX if you want her. No charge, no trades, you pay shipping. :p:p:p
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    Mr. Karaffa is gonna have a rough day today.

    So, a quick scan reveals he's never had a working job.
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