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    What's your favorite food and how's it prepared?

    Holy crap! I didn't even look at the date...
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    What's your favorite food and how's it prepared?

    Woody, You better not make that chicken when the wind is coming out of the north west. If that county Sheriff that lives a 1/4 mile down wind of you smells it, he'll be knocking on your door. "Uh, hi, I'm Sheriff Wells, I have a warrant to search the premises for contraband fried chicken. "
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    Hornady one shot lube

    I just wipe it from the outside before charging and seating. It can cause ball powder to stick to the inside of the neck, but seating a bullet clears it out. If the directions are followed, it's a great lube. The people that complain of it not working correctly are probably not shaking the can...
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    What's Your View II

    Are you sayin you still can't figger out yer messy skin seat covers?
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    Hush, peasant! Regulations don’t a apply to Gub’mint!

    Peasants vs pheasants. Makes sense now... :p
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    What's Your View II

    The regen thing had me also. My old '04 doesn't have all that crazy stuff, but I also did the EGR delete and cooler mods. Way more reliable now. My motor also doesn't come from the factory with 450+ hp and that 800ft-lbs of torque. After your mods, what numbers are you getting in hp and...
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    The Best Rock Song Ever Made

    Dire Straits. Telegraph Road One of my favorite songs and entire albums. Listen to this one turned up.
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    Any Insider Tips on Airline Savings?

    Allegiant waives the baggage fees for first responders, active and retired military with proper id.
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    The "Nom Nom Nom" Thread

    For that avocado, take a bit more out of the seed area and crack a large egg into it and bake that bad boy. Add bacon and cheese into it for a true breakfast
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    Any Insider Tips on Airline Savings?

    Before swinging over to Allegiant for travel to TN, I always used to find good deals. Not sure how they compare now since they are advertising on TV, but it might be worth a shot
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    Shwing Batta

    I have two daughters and a step daughter. If anyone did something, even 1/10th like that to one of them, there would be some fat, dumb and happy bull sharks in my bay. That motherfucker needs permanent jail time for that shit. Where is CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS in this?
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    Making a dofference one little step at ta time...

    We're right at the proper time for pure orange blossom honey. Good stuff if bought directly from the keeper or the grove owners
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    Sometimes Ignoring Them Is Just As Good As a Ban

    Sorry, This is the only recent photo I have
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    Absolutely Amasering

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    Absolutely Amasering

    Hmmmm, Florida again. I think the sunshine is baking peoples brains and turning them to mush. Couldn't be the drugs, could it? Rebecca just red-line outprocessed 2 HCSO employees this week. One was a sworn officer that beat up and pulled her duty weapon on her wife... WTF people?