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    Seekins rifles 25% off

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    Seekins rifles 25% off

    sent you a dm
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    Seekins rifles 25% off

    Have a few seekins coupons for sale for $30 each. 25% any order up to $2700 saving you up to 675 per coupon. Venmo or paypal Dm or send me a text at 9one8633285zero
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    Payment sent
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    Wts/wtt Pulsar dfa75 night vision spotter price drop $1050

    Bump. Had a few offers still looking for a scope I can trade for
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    *Both SPF* (2) S&B PMII 5-25 H2CMR RAL8000

    Learn something new every day. I wouldnt have thought taking a cap off would void a warranty but I stand corrected.