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    Any gunsmiths left?

    Unfortunately, the true gunsmith is going the way of the auto mechanic. With prefit this and modular designs that, it's too easy to just replace parts. Auto mechanics have been doing it for years now. There are very few good mechanics left. Most plug in the computer and replace the part it tells...
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    Just got my harvester 300

    I have one and the brake end is threaded too.
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    Scope "goes up" when shooting - why?

    First, I'd mitigate jumping at the muzzle. Might need a brake, or a suppressor. It sounds as though your fundamentals are good, so it's the gun. Just something to look at.
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    After Market Hunting Stocks

    The hunter 700. I have them on my Ruger Predators too. I really like them.
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    After Market Hunting Stocks

    Honestly, for the money, either an HS Precision or a Magpul would be where I'd look. I have both and they both have nice features. I prefer my Magpuls to the HS stocks, but it's a personal preference.
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    Ar15 lube

    Maybe I'm the only one, but I run my bcg wet with Mobil 1 too. I just pour it in, cycle the action a few times and the first few shots blow oil all over .
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    I'm new to barrels and just got a borescope!

    My first piece of advice to a new bore scope owner is sell your bore scope. Shoot it and enjoy the barrel. Don't get overly concerned with seeing everything going on.
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    Jeeps or Pearls?

    Meh, they're both for chicks, so whatever floats your boat.
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    What supplies for Wuhan Virus?

    I start licking door knobs at the elmentary schools around the second week in Semptember. I've been healthy ever since.