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    They finally went for it all NO LEAD AMMO AT SHOOTING RANGES IN CA

    Frankly, Calguns is littered with idiots in general. So it’s to no surprise that that that’s the case with SFarchitect.
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    If you were to completely restart your career...

    It’s hard to start over outside of the field you already have experience in. An example would be like a physiologist or (general) doctor trying to go into the field astrophysics. Nobody cares that he has a degree. He doesn’t know shit about astrophysics. If you want to start your own business...
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    5.56 in a short barrel-MK262 clone GTG?

    Velocity run off on a 5.56/.223 is pretty severe on sbr’s. Especially with a 77gr bullet. If you want short but practice, 16in barrel might be the compromise. Mk12’s were 18in and military m4s are 11ish inches. I’m not talking about velocity run off for a long range shot either, I’m more or less...
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    They finally went for it all NO LEAD AMMO AT SHOOTING RANGES IN CA

    I’ll never agree with anyone that tells me to wake up. The woke culture is full of stupidity. By banning lead ammo, at ranges is banning accessibly to train and shoot. Ranges won’t be able to sell this ammo. Now if someone were to want to shoot long range, they are limited to a specific...
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    1000+ Yards without a Spotter?

    Probably not worth it if it’s obvious you can’t spot you own shots through the scope. I would probably suggest getting good at the basics....managing recoil. I’m not the biggest dude in the world, and I can still spot my shots with magnums. After that, work on your wind reading and wind dope...
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    measuring ammo temperature

    Just chill on the infrared thermometer. Use the ambient temp in a shaded area outside not in you vehicle. I’m not sure about strelok but on my kestrel elite for factory ammo, I use the temp I chrono’d at. Usually takes me to 10 minutes to set up. If I chrono ammo again at another point in the...
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    Extended Range Wind Gun MPH

    Speak for yourself.
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    Extended Range Wind Gun MPH

    Yes. I think that if you are going to base your dope off a chart it’s important to verify the jumps. My point comes from a recent interest I’ve taken in trying to figure out a reliable method for wind gradient using a particular formula. However there’s an exponent factor that address the...
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    Extended Range Wind Gun MPH

    Idk, I feel that once you get past 1000y, especially for slower cartridges like a .308, your bullet at max ord ends up in a different wind gradient. I know this has little bearing in the math that is being talked about, but I’d feel it would be harder to verify dope this way. Like say at 1500y...
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    Kestrel 5700 Elite

    Spin the dial the right the top of the turret goes in the direction of the arrow (up), move it to 1.6 moa on the turret. If you’re not somewhere in there, then see Dthomas post.
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    WTF Ford?

    They got a 2.3? L eco, or in some places there is a 2.0 twin turbo diesel. Naturally if you’re into off-roading the diesel will put down more torque, but idk. I can’t imagine that the turbo would be a long lasting engine in a diesel, idk, I’m not a vehicle engineer.
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    WTF Ford?

    If you told me that, then I’d rebuttal the past is the past. No one should care about what ford was doing 8,10, 15 years ago if in the market for a truck today. They stopped making them because sale decline. They were planning such since 2008. Perhaps not their fault, it was probably a...
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    WTF Ford?

    What if I told you the Toyota Tacoma was the best selling mid sized 4x4 truck for a reason? This is why the ranger, and the gladiator came out. To compete to the Tacoma. Which has more American parts in it then the Fords Lol.