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    Too many 'White People' at the multi cultural center.

    This is the University of Virginia, my alma mater. Unfuckingbelieveable. Scroll down a bit to see her delivery...
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    I just received this crock of shit. She'll not get my vote.

    Thank you for writing, and apologies for my slow response. Crossover week is a busy one, and I'm just getting caught up on correspondence. I imagine you've heard by now that HB961 passed on the House floor this week. I know you didn't support the...
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    Now get off my lawn.

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    To whom it may concern; concerning the 2nd amendment and rights of firearm owners.

    Below is a revised draft including an excellent (slightly modified) paragraph by VooDoo and a word added by Supercorndogs. Im basically ignoring anything that I didnt find CONSTRUCTIVE. Id appreciate constructive criticism, especially by HMFIC...
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    Lee Lee

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    Prayers for Fiona

    I just met and had a brew with a fellow Hider whose name Ill not mention to respect his privacy. Hell of a nice guy, hope we meet again before long. He was in Charlottesville with his wife, Fiona, who was getting an MRI to check on her battle with...
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    Trump Jr. poses with AR 15

    (y) ================================================ [URL='https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-jr-hillary-clinton-behind-bars-gun-magazine-ar-15-a9272036.html'][SIZE=5][B]Trump Jr shares image of himself posing with...
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    Gun sales skyrocket in Virginia.

    [URL='https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/virginia-gun-store-says-firearms-ammunition-and-magazines-flying-off-the-shelves-upswing-on-buying-by-cash']Virginia gun store says firearms, ammunition, and magazines ......
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    This ought to go well. Fucking morons live and breed.

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    Safest (and most dangerous) states in the nation:

    Interesting, Virginia is 5th safest but they want to take away our Black Rifles: [URL='https://www.homesnacks.net/safest-states-in-america-127702/']Safest States In America For 2020 - HomeSnacks https://www.homesnacks.net ›...
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    Latest map of Virginia 2A counties.

    Pretty clear where the pussy grade fucktards live.
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    Sign the petition to impeach Virginia Governor Northam

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    Have we forgotten what happened on December 7th?

    Pearl Harbor.
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    Culpper Virginia Sheriff vows to deputize thousands if thats what it takes

    The stakes go up and fuck Mark Herring. ...