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    Barrel break in yes or no

    Shoot it. ** Achievement ** “Barrel broken in”
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    Keystone Accuracy Barrel Sale

    Awesome prices! Glad he is back up and running in the new shop.
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    Pappy van winkle

    I un-friend you
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    Terminus Actions

    I run mine hand tight - set screws only. Swapping between 6Creed and 308 is a matter of minutes and zero offset.
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    Terminus Actions

    Nothing major, but a few questions went unanswered after they got my money. Joel however, took my call and assisted even after Terminus was live and I owned a Curtis product. He could have told me to piss off, but again, he cares about the product. Search around this site and you will see the...
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    Terminus Actions

    I doubt they will stop making them, but you’re right... their reputation for customer service is shit! They need to step up and resolve matters, or put out some announcement of a plan to do so. As a Vector owner, this concerns me and lately I too have considered just selling my Vector at a...
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    Sharing Suppressor between Bolt Gun and ar15?

    lol, perhaps my wife NOT shooting is saving me money after all! If you got the coin, I would definitely go TBAC for your bolt guns and leave the Omega as an AR can. Yes, I forgot to mention that. If you run direct thread you should take the thread adapter off from time to time (say 200 rounds)...
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    Form 1 efile wait times?

    Got mine in 38 days. Not bad, considering this was between thanksgiving and just after new years. Damn shame they cannot do form 4’s like this. I still cannot wrap my head around it.
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    Sharing Suppressor between Bolt Gun and ar15?

    Area 419 is a solid option, but the above would be the cheapest. I direct thread all my bolt guns with my Omega, but switch to the ASR mount and thread it to the SilCo flash hiders on my AR’s. I wish my wife liked to shoot.
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    New to the suppressor game

    Definitely TBAC, as everyone has already said. Oh and this won’t be your last can. Once you shoot suppressed, you don’t go back. You will suppress everything.
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    WTH just happened I broke my Rock Chucker?

    God damn! Definitely use your other arm for cranking off. Never had an issue with my Rock Chucker, but have with some other RCBS stuff. Their support is awesome!
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    What's your favorite stock?

    Manners T4A has been my favorite for a long time. Then the Bravo’s came out. I’m not a fan of chassis, but I am really comfortable behind the Bravo. Hard to beat, for the price.
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    Do you clean your suppressor?

    interesting... I wonder what would happen if it wasn’t an sbr. I’ve read shorter barrels can lead to unburnt powder... but that is guess.
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    Reloading Room Ideas...

    My god... aside from money and patience, this man has taste! Is that a M1919 on the table?! if you are the owner of said room, lets be friends!
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    Do you clean your suppressor?

    almost did that last year, but was trying to be patient and wait for my dealer to come through. Honestly its probably my only way at this point, aside from SilencerShop. First world problems.