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    PVA Status Updates: Hancock Rifle & NUCLEUS Barreled Action

    ^^ Sounds like a win-win-win situation
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    Nucleus Light Primer Strikes

    Grover, 3.9-4.0mm if I'm not mistaken.
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    Nucleus Light Primer Strikes

    Determined from my measurements and corroborated with another user. I talked to a guy from Bullet Central at Shot and he mentioned that if you send in your measurements for the Nuke, they will include it in their charts for top sear selection. I haven't noticed any issues and my light primer...
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    Nucleus Light Primer Strikes

    If you are running a Bix n Andy tac trigger, make sure you are running the low top sear instead of the default medium
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    Are our Precision Rifles the new AR, complete with Ninja reviews?

    I'm hoping to get back in time to make it. Make sure you bring a tripod!
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    Are our Precision Rifles the new AR, complete with Ninja reviews?

    Diver, I had a chance to handle this rifle at SHOT. I waited in line for several minutes, cycled the bolt 3-4 times (it got bound up and felt like shit on each cycle), tried out the trigger and then walked away. Hammer forged barrel and a generic action that doesn't feel great for $2200? Nah...
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    Bix'n Andy trigger question

    I love the adjustability of my BnA. I was able to swap out the top sear to help with the reliability of my Nucleus and change the trigger shoe with minimal tools. I spent a bit of time trying the new TT at shot and it felt really nice, but isn't user serviceable (according to the rep). He...
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    Aadland or Tenebraex for Razor?

    marzo, the last time I talked to Jon two weeks ago he said he was swamped with emails and he apologized for the delay. Like most, I just put in my order and the a few weeks later it's at my doorstep.
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    Aadland or Tenebraex for Razor?

    Good call, you'll love the Aadlands
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    Kestrel HUD

    According to a guy working the Kestrel booth, the HUD is backlit
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    American Rifle Company New Archimedes Action, New Xylo Chassis, and major Mausingfield revision

    You guys have already said it, but +1 for not noticing it. It runs really quickly and smoothly. I figured there would be a learning curve but there really isn't. Go with either, you can't go wrong. The Gen2 bolt head on the Nuke is nice, too. It doesn't make the bolt handle drop freely, but...
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    6mm Bra fireforming

    Kthomas, I think you actually gave me that recipe haha. I get 2860fps from a 28” barrel
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    6mm Bra fireforming

    29.5 of H4895 worked well with my 105s
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    Just got an A&D auto throw kit! Help!

    I bought every piece as they got released. If I was buying a 120i again tomorrow, I would buy the entire package from Area 419 without hesitation.
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    I'll take one TBAC mount if you decide to split