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    Prime 338 LM

    65 rounds prime 338LM, 35 1x cases 210.00 Throw in 24 rounds hornady 285bthp and 15 1x cases for another 35.00
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    Groups bettween clip on - education

    Both my 27 and 30 are about 1 1/2 - 2 moa right as well POI shift,. The 30 group size is right at 1 moa consistent , the 27 group size 4-5 moa constant ? So i understand that adding and removing somthing infront of the day optic can cause shifts, and that those shifts may not always be super...
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    Groups bettween clip on - education

    School me on clip on? Same gun , same ammo, subsonic Pvs 30 refurb - groups at 1" @100 consistant. Pvs 27 - groups 4" consistant @ 100 I feel the 27 has better image than the 30 bit the groups ? Is that on the collimation ? Just wandering. Same issue on another rifle, as well as...
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    WTB - 175gr 308 pulled bullets

    Looking for 175gr SMK pull down bullets. If anyone has any and wanting to move them let me know. Thanks
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    Anyone have a Geissele 35mm mount ?

    Looking for a 35mm super precision mount. They are backorded for quite a while and want to see if i could find one in a pinch. Thanks
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    WTT: TOILET PAPER (the good stuff) for high end optics

    So.. Ill be honest when i read this topic the other day when it started i thought HA just another person complaining that someones prices of optics is to high etc etc. So we all knows as of yesterday here schools, meeting are shut down. OK i guess ? WTF.... I almost shot 3 people at my...