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    Talk me out of a 457 Varmint

    Been an hour now, did you get it?
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    Cz 455/457 drop in barrel, which one

    Your Sparrow should have come with a spacer to take up the gap, mine did. Silencerco should send you one if you don't have it.
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    Sako P94S aka. The original finnfire

    I like the threaded barrel option on the Quad
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    Tikka T1X

    I think it looks great. I wouldn't think you need lower rings but that's your call. Can you reach the tension lever for the bipod with it in front like it is? The entire setup is similar to mine.
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    Sako P94S aka. The original finnfire

    Never seen nor held a Vudoo. If things go well this year I should have one. So to answer your question I can't compare at this time. Never had the Quad and don't know a whole lot about them except the switch barrel ability. Well, one thing I do know is that particular Sako has a lot of...
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    Bergara B-14R Range Report and Assessment

    Got the Elftmann in today and it won't fit in the bottom metal. The bottom of the trigger body where the shoe comes out is .412" wide, the opening on the trigger guard is .384". The stock trigger body is .296" I will call Elftmann on Monday and see what they say about this. The Elftmann...
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    Old rifles still slaying them

    JG26_Irish, great job shooting a 250. I have never shot a 250 on the IR50/50 targets. I'm with ya'll on the older rifles. Here are a few of mine. Winchester 52 Pre A Winchester 52D Walther Sportmodell Mauser ES340B MAS 45 with factory gloss blue finish. MAS 45 with...
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    Best out of box accuracy for NRL22 comp

    I have both and like both. I have had more success with the Tikka. Tikka has been more accurate out of the ones I have had, which consist of 3 Tikka's and 2 457's. 457 has controlled round feeding which is a lot better than the Tikka's push feed. Ejection is also generally better with the...
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    CZ 457

    Got an email from KRG notifying me with their new products coming out.
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    What’s your idea of the perfect Rimfire optic?

    I thought I would have fun with this so here goes. Material: One Piece Carbon Fiber Tube Dia: 40 mm Objective: 56 mm FOV: 6" to 200' Magnification: 1x-60x Turret: Zero and locking Click Value: .05 mil or 1/8" Adjustment range: 300" @100 yards Exit Pupil: 20mm Parallax Adj: 5' to Infinity Glass...
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    Ruger Precision Rimfire

    This conversation is silly and this will be my last reply. I never called anyone a name, if I did please reference it. As for you being "butthurt" that was pretty obvious with your very first word in your very first reply. FWIW I apologize for saying you were butthurt if that offends you...
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    Ruger Precision Rimfire

    I made the statement because some people may not know, it's called education. I never said anything negative about the barrel nor did I word it to seems that way. Your interpretation is flawed and obviously you are butthurt. Please find a safe space and go color or play with blocks or something.
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    Ruger Precision Rimfire

    I simply made a statement ole pal. People can buy what they want, I could care less how someone else spends their money.
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    IBI Barrel #2

    That's ok AGrizz, from what I take of it the rim thickness doesn't affect the accuracy???
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    Ruger Precision Rimfire

    That's well over $200 more than the entire rifle.