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    MH 25 by iRay

    Coronaray wuhan25
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    Most compact optic for use with a PVS30?

    The new 1-10 gen 3 razor is bad ass with a clip on
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    Halo LR not holding zero

    I have noted that quite a few people had issues while running an anker 10k vs the smaller candy bar etc. wonder why.
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    N-Vision Optics Halo/Halo-LR Technical Questions and Comments

    when you say weapon mount not seated properly...are you referencing the mount to optic interface/screws or the weapon mount to weapon picatinny rail interface?
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    Why Thermal Sales Limited

    if you have the coin you can get anything you want....
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    Vortex razor HD gen3 1-10 FFP

    what do you want to know? ive been running one for a couple weeks
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    N Vision Halo Lr battery pack tip

    buy 3m velcro and you wont have that issue
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    MAWL issues? Fire buttons torn.

    sounds like you're the type of guy that could fuck up a ball bearing in a sandbaox with a rubber mallet
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    Proving out the Halo LR reticle

    that would be handy but its really a non issue since it subtends evenly at all the magnifications.
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    .243 for PRS type comps

    I ran .243 as a match caliber for a couple years. it was great but I reloaded for it.
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    Daylight Bright LPVOs

    G3 razor is definitely daylight bright
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    Just got my harvester 300

    I’ll do a quick dispell of your typical harvester info. The core is fully welded stainless the aluminum is simply a sleeve giving it a nice round suppressor body and keeping the weight down. I have approximately 5000rds through mine and much of it has been in match environment with hot 10-12rd...