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    WTT: MC3 Legend Deluxe Stock 700 SA

    Have a nice MC3 Legend Deluxe stock for sale. This is the TPMI, non-carbon version. Inletted for 700 SA, adjustable cheek rear and LOP via spacers. Includes bottom “metal” (it’s plastic) and MDT poly mag. Works fine with any AICS pattern SA mag and locks up solid. Also has action screws...
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    Hawkins vs KMW DBM

    I’ve had both. The KMW is top notch and the Hawkins works well too, but fact of the matter is you won’t go wrong with either. I find the mag release on the KMW to be slightly easier to manipulate - that’s why I kept it over the Hawkins.
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    Straight Contour for Match Rifle

    A Heavy Varmint, MTU, and M24 all walk into a bar... If you can tell which is which then let me know cuz they all look nice and thicc to me.
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    Is the 6X47 Lapua Easy to Load?

    The headstamped Peterson stuff has been every bit as consistent as Lapua for me. My sacrificed case is on its 8th firing and has handled up to 3,100fps multiple times without issue. I annealed it one time, but otherwise just size, clean, load and shoot. It has no doubt made a world of...
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    Is the 6X47 Lapua Easy to Load?

    109s with RL-16 has been an excellent combo for me. Nothing to it. I have been jumping mine 60 thou since I got this barrel and pretty much every single load I’ve tried in it has been single digit SDs. Mine seems to have settled in at 3030fps, but I’m also running a 29” tube.
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    RRS Bino adapter

    For those using bigger/heavier binos, how is this mount stability-wise? Especially in moderate winds? I am not a huge fan of the stud mounts with 15x and similar, but it’s hard to see this one doing much better with larger bodies hanging off of it.
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    New Action Coming Soon...Falkor Viper

    I’m interested to see these “never before seen features” and the price point. Falkor makes nice stuff, but unfortunately not holding my breath for anything spectacular.
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    Shipping your own ammo (reloads)?

    You have the basic gist. The binders would be fine, as would ammo boxes/trays. I’ve even received ammo from certain retailers in plastic bags just as you described. Package it up nice and tight with some padding, mark it ORM-D, and send it UPS Ground.
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    weight vs. balance

    Balance > Weight in a vacuum, but realistically there is no right or wrong answer. It’s all personal preference. I like my balance point a little further forward than most because I find it easier to control my wobble zone. I don’t shoot rear-heavy rifles nearly as well. But that doesn’t mean...
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Tracking has been fine. True on the DMR out to 700 yards and back to zero. Feel and durability are about what you’d expect. Turrets are actually really nice, but the parallax, mag ring, and focus are just “meh.” Otherwise, fine for what it is. I did have to send my first one back before ever...
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    The Arken 4-16 has actually turned out to be a decent DMR optic. Comparable size to a 5-25 Vudu (its predecessor on this gun) and honestly, a slight edge in glass quality.
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    Bipod for new build

    For how much you will spend on a Ckyepod vs. how much you will actually use the features that it has over an Atlas/Harris.... get whatever is cheapest. The lone scenario in which I would say a Ckyepod is beneficial is field matches. If you’re shooting out west/wide open field matches, it’s...
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    Tennon for impact and lone peak

    That’s gonna be a no from me dawg. realistically though, how is it worth getting the action you want and then trying to shoehorn a barrel from a different action on to it? Seems pretty contrarian to me.
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    What determines a barrels life?

    Pressure is the quiet killer. Heat is the loud one. But either way, projecting a barrel’s life is an exercise in futility.
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    Rifle Optic Rings swap

    Depending on your stock or chassis, the rings that fit the AR10 will likely be too high for the bolt gun. My suggestion would to be to buy dedicated mounts/optics for each rifle. Unfortunately, it’s better to come to terms with the fact now that there are not many shoes that will fit multiple...