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    223 ammo sale Acadamy

    damn sorry guys. i tried
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    223 ammo sale Acadamy

    Should go quick just wanted the hide to have a chance at it. Crazy times
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    Sold: Surefire M952v

    I will take this
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    Bump for free
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    Needing Weld job for Rail Sig 556

    Ok Guys and Gals, Needing some recommendations for a gunsmith that will do a full steel weld job on my sig 556. The 3 screws have broke off and left just 3 flush holes in the receiver. I live in Charlotte NC and would like to do FTF but will ship if the work and price is right. Thanks
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    FS: U.S. Optics SR6 1.5-6x W/ ZRO Delta mount

    Sent email and free bump
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    Sig 556 Troy Full Rail

    This is almost new with full professional cerakote. I have brand new screws and hardwear from Troy plus the original. If you would like more pictures or details please let me know. $170 OBO shipped.
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    Sig 716 G2 major accuracy issues !

    dang. .5 at 100 could not ask more from it. Did you have any FTF or problems?
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    2 Magpul AR stocks with springs, tubes, nuts and buffers

    was a great transaction seller is GTG also good stuff in GG posts
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    Good Guy List

    mrscotty123 is GTG fantastic transaction
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    Are there any Flat Earthers here?

    you should work for apple damn Genius
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    Are there any Flat Earthers here?

    Tell me what one of the 200 points is wrong in this video?