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    Gun Safes

    I saw someone on the internet using a filing cabinet for full size structure plans to store guns. There’s multiple drawers that are only a few inches deep so it provided awesome access to a large amount of guns, at the cost of much less security.
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    SWFA SS HD 5-20x50 30mm FFP?

    I’ve had one since they were first released. Shot it to 1250 (which is ~ 10 Mils for my gun/caliber) and it always returns to zero. Very good glass and seems built like a tank. For $1k there are other cooler options but I still think it’s a better quality scope than most if not all at this price...
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    Emerson "wave" feature questions

    Looking for a new edc knife and I stumbled upon a few with the Emerson "wave" feature. Watching some videos of knives with this feature being "deployed" it looks interesting, but I have a few questions. So if anyone owns a knife with this feature I'd like to know...... Can you remove the knife...
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    Trust attorney

    I'm mulling over establishing a NFA trust to purchase a suppressor with. The question I have is without being a lawyer myself, how do I know if the attorney is actually writing a good trust? For instance, I've heard conflicting reports regarding adding a minor as a co-trustee vs. a beneficiary...
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    Hornady lock n load AP press owners

    I'm looking into a progressive and I'm leaning toward the Hornady lnl. Looking for owners opinions......any problems you may have had, powder drop accuracy, would you recommend, etc.... I plan to use for .45, .223,.45-70 and possibly for .243 if using a progressive is capable of "match grade"...
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    Ravens release Ray Rice

    Baltimore Ravens outclass the majority of NFL by doing the right thing. First time in a long time that I can say a NFL team put morals over their team's well being. Hats off to the Raven's organization.
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    Interesting & scary occurance with 1911. And Gunsmith question

    Good afternoon gentlemen. Last night while taking my 1911 off for the evening I noticed that while taking the pistol off of safe was a little more difficult to do than usual. So I unloaded the gun and proceded to manipulate the safety multiple times to see if "smoothed" out again. After...
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    Trijicon HD Night Sights

    I've been looking at a set of the Trijicon HD sight for my Glock and have a question for anyone who owns them. I know that they can be had with either yellow or orange illuminescent paint on the front sight, but I cannot determine if the actual tritium lamps are a different color from the...
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    Glock Trigger Upgrade?

    New Glock owner here. I've been shooting 1911's for some time so needless to say the trigger on the Gen4 G17 is a little different. Wanted some feedback from those that are more familiar with glocks and maybe have some firsthand expierence with trigger upgrades. I've looked at everything from...
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    Horrible Accident at PGH Zoo.

    If you haven't heard, yesterday a two year old boy fell in the African Painted Dog exhibit and was mauled to death by the dogs. This horrible accident got me thinking and I was wondering what some of you thought. I've taken my young son to the PGH zoo a few times now and never do so without my...
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    Gotta see this.

    Cleveland bus driver vs. ignorant innercity youth. Best video I'd seen in years.
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    Sunglass suggestions

    Looking for a pair of sunglasses that are rugged and don't cost an arm and a leg. So far I'm interested in the ESS Flyby and the Wiley-X XI-1 but I'm open to suggestions. Also, I have a more narrow face so I'd appreciate something that will not look like wings hanging off my face. Thanks guys.
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    Penn State Death Penalty

    Assuming that the Freeh Report is true and factual, What do you think?
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    American Security BF6636 Delivered Yesterday

    Just wanted to give anyone in the market for a gun safe a little review of my new AMSEC BF6636, and maybe get some pointers from those of you that have moved a +1000 lb. safe in the past. First the mini-review. Upon removing the safe from the box, bag, and assorted shipping provisions I was...
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    1911 Hammer follow when empty

    Expierencing hammer follow when using the slide release when empty or using snap-caps, hasn't happened yet with real ammo, when shooting, or if I drop the slide by hand. I know that the previous owner had some work done to the trigger so I'm assuming that the sear/hammer interface is the...