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    Leica PRS 5-30×56 with PRB Reticle

    You are welcome to drive up to VA and shot on my farm :) We remain open.
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    2000 Yard 50% Hit Rate-300 Norma or Otherwise?

    I agree solids don't show much splash on steel, for sure. But for kinetic energy related 'splash', e.g. dust, noise and movement, I have found solids are OK relative to lead swagged bullets the further out you. This is from the higher maintained velocity and resulting energy they provide over...
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    2000 Yard 50% Hit Rate-300 Norma or Otherwise?

    (1) at 2000yds, you will not need to worry about Flatline's subsonic transition from a 300NM. The 198gr is an absolute beast and it will be still be screaming at 2000yds. You will be launching it at 3100fps or more depending on barrel length. (2) Focus on MV variation. Low MV = beautiful...
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    Packs for matches

    I usually sling the rifle over my shoulder after the pack is on, but there are different ways of using the sling to carry the rifle, based on personal preference and amount of distance to cover. I would at least try the sling method before committing to buy a scabbard type setup. I agree with...
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    Packs for matches

    Slings work too for transporting rifle. Will never use a scabbard again. Total pain in ass getting it in and out. So much time, pushing and maintenance work. Sling with a pack that is organized well. Spend your time getting that ruck organized right. And then keep it organized.
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    6.5x47 vs 6x47 WTF😩

    105gr B Hybrid here in a PVA 6x47. 39.0gr H4350 lit by a CCI BR4 primer. This is the one and only load I have ever shot in this rifle and its a bug-holer with SDs in 10 range. 3050fps ish MV. Sorry to hear you have had such a trouble with the cartridge. Hopefully you get straightened out.
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    USMC gets behind "action shooting" including tactical LR matches

    Always love to shoot ASC (Allegheny Sniper Challenge) with the Marines that come up from MCB Quantico. Ton of fun with those guys (a lot more fun than the SEALs and SF there). Great pics and I hope the MCB Quantico starts offering something like this. (The F class and like matches they offer...
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    Michigan autoworker sworn at by Biden gets free "Full of Shit" AR-14!

    Big thumbs up here! Great video. Thanks for posting here. He is a good spokesperson.
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    No Comment Necessary: A D-Day Vet Returns After 75 Years

    Hell yeah! Go 116th INF, "Stonewall", VAARNG. Loved seeing that boy, WIA, that took out that kraut pillbox. How they landed and took those beaches is beyond me. Only their great-grandfathers in the original Stonewall BDE can rival them. Thanks for posting up.
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    Biden Wants Beto to Take Your Guns

    I thought this video with the worker who challenged Biden is worth watching. Sad that politicians are this rude to their constituents.
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    Central Kentucky Precision rifle match

    I do this once every blue moon in central VA on my farm and I try to invite Hide shooters as well. I would say keep the numbers small - you are risking a lot for little in return. We typically do 10 or so stages but I limit it to 2 rounds or so per target - you miss on your first, send a...
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    Virginia Gun Control Updates

    FSA = Free Shit Army. AKA Bernie Sander voter.
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    Biden Wants Beto to Take Your Guns

    Hmmm, there was no Republican primary here in VA... only the Democratic one. I was fist-bumping all the hippies on the way in and out. Living the socialist dream vicariously - free pot, free abortions, and gender-neutral rest rooms. Oh and $100 barrels of oil after we outlaw all the shale...
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    Biden Wants Beto to Take Your Guns

    I proudly voted for the Bern this morning. So he is +1 in VA. I want my free stuff! Good number of hippies at my polling place too, all voting for the Bern as well, I'm sure.
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    Virginia Gun Control Updates

    Great thoughts and discussion above, thanks especially to Greg. I did learn a lot and enjoy most of the discussion. So I have been involved in this 2A 'protest/defense/effort' whatever it is and it has been horrible AND great. Horrible because our elected officials have forced us to stand up...