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    Stuck Brass

    I know you want this gun to run 100% suppressed , but you might be better off starting without the suppressor. Get the gun running, then add in the suppressor.
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    Stuck Brass

    Looks like it was salvaged from the Titanic. What did it look like before it went into the chamber? How long was it there?
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    Some perspective on Corona Virus death rate.

    And, what % of those infected will have mild/undiagnosed symptoms and recover without ever being diagnosed? Hint, its a big number...
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    Some perspective on Corona Virus death rate.

    It's not that 1.3% of deaths in the US are attibutable to CV-19. It is that ~1.3% of those confirmed to be infected with the virus succumb to it's effects. That number is ~4% globally.
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    Some perspective on Corona Virus death rate.

    CDC estimates that 20,000 to 60,000 people die in the US every flu season. As flu season runs from Oct 1 to March 31 (6 mo) we can <naively> take those numbers and divide by ~180. So, figure 100-300 people per day dying from the flu.
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    Some perspective on Corona Virus death rate.

    In other news, more than 30000 people in the US die in motor vehicle accidents... Every. Year. But, we keep driving...
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    Steve McQueen

    But, wouldn't do the movie unless he could ride a motorcycle in it...
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    Short barrel upper help

    Read my mind. Add in the suspect grammar...
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    Why the run on .22 ammo?

    Yep. That sums it up.
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    New 6mm Advanced Rifle Cartridge

    If I had to guess, its in a file cabinet, waiting on a world not stuck at home...
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    Holy Price Gouge

    Small town middle of fucking no where Texas. There's towns like this all over the state. Small shops without competition charge whatever they like. Cost of living doesn't tell the whole picture. Overall average expenditures may be lower, but specialty/niche/boutique items can be harder to...
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    Brownells does what Colt can't. Epic...
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    Just got my mini side folding stock

    Hope yours shoots better than theirs...
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    Probs w 10.5” 300 BlkOut upper

    What do you define as "issues?" Not ejecting? Not extracting? Not locking back on an empty mag? Some combination of all 3? Other? I have a 8.5" 300 blackout with the Odin works gas block. It does not lock back on empty with the factory Remington 220 OTM subs. Nor does it lock back on factory...
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    It is shorter if you forget about it. But, with CV-19 shutting down all but "essential" jobs, the ATF may have a backlog on their backlog.