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    Walnut stock blanks?!...
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    Wooden stock makers

    Notch, what was the cost for the stock? Adjustable cheekpiece included Thanks
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    Is it fucked ?

    Call up McMillan and see if they have any remedies for your stock... It can't hurt I've always had great luck with emailing/calling them with questions.
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    Is it fucked ?

    Mcmillan A5? Does it extend up and into the barrel channel?
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    20 MOA Base + 6Mil Spuhr Mount = Maybe?

    Zombie thread revival... Anybody else done this lately?... Put a 20 MOA scope mount on a 20-30 MOA Built-In Rail? I have a .338 Edge Deviant Long action with a 30 MOA rail, and I'd like to put a NF or Spuhr 20.6 MOA mount on top for a total of 50.6 MOA My Trijicon 5-50x has an advertised...
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    Sold pending funds.....McMillan r-hand S/A 700 A5 for sale

    Seller is good to go... I bought, and received one of his A5 long action stocks last week...
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    WTS 34mm Nightforce top ring bubble level

    4 screw or 6 screw? Thanks
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    McMillan A5 - Badger M2008/2013

    Does the A5 come with the DBM?
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    Sightron S-TAC 3-16x Duplex Reticle

    Please close thread
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    375 wsm

    How many step ups with sizing buttons? 2?... 300 To 338 to 375? 60-65 grains of powder (similar to the 300 wsm)? Or does the .375 bullet eat up a lot of case capacity? Thanks
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    375 wsm

    What is the powder type? How many grains? What is the overall length of the cartridge? Did you have to throat the barrel out with a special reamer?