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    The OFFICIAL METAL THREAD (unofficial)

    Just paste the YouTube link
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    The OFFICIAL METAL THREAD (unofficial)

    FFDP Breaking Benjamin Die Antwoord Coheed and Cambria many others, but some are a matter of taste and others a matter of fact.
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    What are yall using Varget for?

    Absolutely nothing. I swore it off 6 years ago when I started reloading because it was unicorn dust and I don't like to put myself into a situation where I can't get a hold of it. Luckily RL16 seems to work better and is much easier to find. 👌
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    The OFFICIAL METAL THREAD (unofficial)

    Man there's a lot of non-metal in this thread... Personally can't say that I enjoy any old stuff aside from Metallica and falsetto makes my skin crawl, so hair metal gets a heavy thumbs down. And finally, the only other female singer I respect aside from Tatiana of Jinjer
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    FS: Tikka .223 AI

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    Gun and gear storage on your truck

    Anyone who built their own have blueprints? Those all look sexy.
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    Magneto mount

    Mk or wiser?
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    ear pro, electronic

    I use Otto Noizebarriers and I love them.