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    Nightforce 3-10 or 3-12 ATACR where are they?

    Agreed, I run a LRTSi on my .22lr and one on my M14. Great lil scopes for sure!
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    Best place to buy Ammo Binders??

    I just got an Armageddon Gear 40/40 and it's a quality piece of gear, I'm looking forward to using it in matches this year.
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    Another Muzzle Brake thread

    I run the Insite Heathen as well as the MDT Elite brake. Both are easy to install and index and do a great job of reducing muzzle jump and recoil,
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    2019 Sniper's Hide Cup - Individual & Team Event

    Easily my favourite match of the year!
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    TriggerTech 2-Stage Trigger - I'm stoked!

    I own 4 Specials... looks like I'll be getting 4 new triggers... ouch, haha
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    OTTO NoizeBarrier earpro same as new Etymotic Elites....

    I've used mine for 2 range sessions so far and I'm impressed. I'm shooting in a covered building with an un-braked .223 (my trainer barrel). I'll be trying them out this weekend with braked .308 and 6mm. It's nice to just be able to wear a toque (beanie for you guys) in the cold with fucking...
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    Torque Drivers

    I have a set of Fixit Stix in my pack with the torque limiters that I would need in the field (15, 25 & 66in/lbs). It saves a ton of weight vs the Fat Wrench and assorted Allen keys I used to carry around. The Fat Wrench now lives in the bag that I use to bring spare barrels/barrel vise/action...
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    I'll have to try that out, thanks! Problem with using my phone though is it's pretty cold up here in BC, Canada right now and it doesn't take long for my phone to die. That's why I wish you could set a wind azimuth independently of DOF. If you think about it, it makes sense. For engaging...
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    I've got a 2400BDX and a Kestrel 5700AB Elite and really like how they work together. To me, it's better than the 2400ABS as I don't have to use my phone at all (once the lrf and kestrel have been paired), I can get dope without having to range a target and since I can easily lock out the...
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    OTTO NoizeBarrier earpro same as new Etymotic Elites....

    I ordered a pair (from a vendor up here in Canada) a few weeks back and they arrived while I was down in Australia. I'l be taking them to the range today. I'm curious if anyone has any experience with storing them somewhere cold? I normally leave my drag bag (with all my kit in it) and pack in...
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    Sig Kilo2200mr

    I've had most incarnations of the Sigs (2x 2000, 2200, 2400BDX). I sent my first 2000 back cause it would take 5s or so to reset. Then sent the replacement back cause it really struggled past 850 yards. The 2200 was decent, was generally good to 1000 but struggled past that, depending on what...
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    Soft Range bag Suggestions

    I've got an old Voodoo one and wouldn't get another. The stitching came apart and it really hasn't held up well. I've got a drag bag from Triad Tactical and it's been great, had it for years and it's taken tons of abuse. I've got an Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle case on the way now and I'm...
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    Leupold Announces RBX-3000 TBR/W Rangefinding Binocular

    It's really a shame that they won't pair with a Kestrel.
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    6mm Creedmoor Sierra 107's or 110's for PRS?

    I had a great accuracy node around 3150fps with my first 6 creed barre, if I recall, it was something like 43.2 gr, way over max load but zero pressure signs. I ended up backing down to my load around 3050fps after a talk with a buddy of mine who's shot a lot of 6mm as he figured that would just...