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    Perfect Long Range Multi Purpose Rig

    I've got a Rem 700 .308 with a 26" med palma barrel in a Bravo topped with a Bushnell HDMR2 in MDT rings and it weighs 13.5lbs with a Harris bipod and an empty mag. Oh and if you get a Bravo, get the spigot, it makes a nice chassis much nicer. That forend is just too short.
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    Labradar or Magneto Speed

    I've used a MS Spotter fro years with good results but always kind of disliked the poi shift as well as the potential for the harmonics being a bit different if you use it during load dev. I borrowed a buddy of mine's Labradar this summer when I was in a hurry to do load dev and break in a...
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    Help with back pack that can secure a trip pod.

    I strap my tripod (PRST with Sirui ballhead) to the side of my Mystery Ranch 3 Day assault Pack. I slide 2 of the legs under the compression strap and then put the 3 feet into the side pocket. Crank down the compression strap and it's always stayed in place, granted I don't think I've ever...
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    7 saum

    Looking to build a 7SAUM on a Nucleus SA, anybody have some wisdom on what reamer I want to shoot 180gr ELDMs?
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    22 Creedmoor vs 224 Valkarie

    I get both of those with regards to killing critters, I meant more for matches and whatnot
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    KRG Bravo - Barrel Weight and Balance

    If you're not gonna be carrying it around much, I'd go for a heavier profile barrel or put some weight in the chassis, the Bravo is light. I have a Rem 700 with a 26" benchmark med Palma on it in a Bravo and it weighs about 13.5lbs with scope (HDMR2) and bipod and an unloaded mag. Feels quite...
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    Prefit Barrels in a KRG Bravo?

    Anyone running a Nucleus with a barloc in a Bravo?
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    22 Creedmoor vs 224 Valkarie

    So I'm looking at this from the perspective of a guy who likes to shoot matches (3200fps speed limit) and I'm not sure I fully "get" the 22 Creedmoor? I shoot a 6 Creed and have no problem getting 110 SMKs to 3100fps which ballistically is much better than an 88 or 90 at the same speed and...
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    Atlas PSR vs 5H vs CAL Gen II - help me pick a new bipod

    I'm in a similar position to you, have a couple Harris 6-9s with all the add-ons (spikes, pod lock, Atlas adapters, RRS pic/arca mounts) but want a 3rd bipod and it's between the Ckye-pod and the Cal. As it stands, I'm leaning towards the Ckye-pod. I shoot a decent amount of PRS matches and...
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    Hiking with chamber flag in dusty environments? Ideas - here is one but looking for better ideas too

    That's what I was gonna suggest as well. I do the bungee thing from the bolt handle to the windage knob as well when we have to use chamber flags but if it's raining or real windy and dusty, I use the Sunrise cap. It doesn't weigh anything and just lives in my pack.
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    Brown Santa brought me a 2400 BDX to test

    I've got one coming as well. Curious out to what kind fo distances you've been getting good returns with yours? I had a Sig 50% cert I needed to use and figured this would be an improvement in ranging over my Kilo 2200 and the bluetooth integration with my Kestrel should be great for team field...
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    Need help deciding on a chassis

    I've run 2 ESS for a while now and they're great chassis!
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    MDT ACC Chassis

    The rifle in the front is a Defiance Deviant Elite with a 26" Hawkhill M40 in 6 Creed and the one behind it is a Rem 700 with a 26" factory barrel in I think Varmint profile in .223.
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    Nikon FX1000 vs. Sig Sauer Tango4

    I just picked up a Nikon FX1000 4-14 off the prize table at a local match. I'll be mounting it on my .22 trainer. Will post back with what I think of it.