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    223 aics mags

    I have 5 MDT polymer .223 mags that I run in both a R700 and a Nucleus and they run great, no issues.
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    MPA vs MDT - Chassis Help

    I have a few MDT ESS and ACC. For an all out PRS comp gun, the ACC is pretty unrivalled. The integrated RRS spec dovetail, the ability to add weights, the long forend. So it depends what you're looking for. I still quite like the ESS as well, it just doesn't have all the comp-specific features...
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    Whatever happened to the Minox md 60/80 zr spotter’s?

    They're available up here in Canuckistan...
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    Insite Arms new Hybrid, multi cal muzzle brake!!!

    I've been running Heathens for a couple years now and have 2 barrels (.223 and 6mm Creedmoor) with the new multi cal brakes. I'm a fan, great recoil reduction without getting a face full of blast. When I get a 7 SAUM barrel done for the same action, I'll just get the 7mm insert for one of the...
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    Why you can’t afford NOT to own a Vudoo

    I do find it to be closer to shooting my 6 creed, recoil-wise (neither recoil much, to be honest) and I can hold and hit the same size targets with both with the added effect of the wind only being real noticeable at 400+ yards. Considering that I have the range to play with, it just makes sense...
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    Why you can’t afford NOT to own a Vudoo

    Well, I'll be the dissenting opinion here. I have a .223 trainer barrel for my backup match gun and I put about 250rds/week through it. My reloads (75gr BTHP, 25.0gr of Varget, CCI400 in Remington brass) cost me less than $0.40CAD (which is about $0.30USD or so). The gun happily puts 5rds into...
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    **6 Creedmoor**

    In my first barrel, also a 26" Hawkhill (7.5tw), I was getting 3150 with 110s and 43.5 (iirc) H4350. Was a laser but I backed it down to a lower node at 42.3 gr (3050fps) to minimize barrel wear. I stopped shooting that barrel in big matches at about 1400 ads but I've been running it for local...
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    **6 Creedmoor**

    I've run 110 SMKs in 2 barrels with H4350. Loads were 42.2 and 42.3 gr giving me about 3050 fps in 26" tubes. Trying out H4831SC in a new barrel now and 44.7gr is getting me 3050 and great accuracy in a 26" tube. No pressure signs with any of the loads and all rain safe.
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    Arca rail handguards

    Any plans on making one for a DPMS high profile pattern AR-10?
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    .223 - 5.56

    Thanks, That's kinda what I figured. I might try and work it up a bit after my next match. For now it hammers and it's just for training/practice anyways. I do think it's a slow lot of Varget as well, based on having to bump up my loads for my .308s. I'll probably do another workup when I get a...
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    .223 - 5.56

    I just finished load dev on my new trainer barrel (26" Bartlein 7 twist) with Hornady 75gr BTHPs. 25.0 gr Varget in Remington cases with CCI 400s, bullets loaded to 1.955" bto (20 thou off the lands) gives me 2880 fps and 5 rd groups print 0.3-0.5moa. No pressure signs. Is that a normal speed...
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    bushnell lrts 4.5-18x44 experience?

    I've had 5 3-12 LRHS which have all gone back for warranty because you couldn't zero the turret correctly, only in 0.2 mil increments. They were all replaced with 3-12 LRTSis which have been nothing but great. I have one on my .22 and one on a M14 (that I've made hits on a 2/3 IPSC plate at 830...
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    Ckye-pod uses?

    I'm hoping to figure out for myself pretty soon how the design features of the Ckye-pod help out as I have the PRS one on the way. I've played with them a bit and some of the advantages that seem obvious to me is tall grass in the field matches we have here out West as well as being able to get...
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    Rangefinder for IPSC to 1500

    For what it's worth I have the Kilo 2400BDX and I've ranged as far as 1980 yards with it (although not on an IPSC sized plate). I was using it at a team field match this weekend and was getting fast returns on an IPSC at 1300+ yards in the rain/drizzle though. The integration with my 5700 elite...
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    2019 Sniper's Hide Cup - Individual & Team Event

    RTC rules stipulate 175-178s at or under 2750 (for .308). .308 is fine for this match, my partner and I have shot this match in Limited the last 2 years and won Limited last year (shooting 175 RDFs). The Kettle Falls RTC match is at the same venue but the venue is huge and neither the COF or...