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    20 MOA base for AR10

    JP for a standard 1 piece, Bobro for a QD or if you need 35mm
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    Long AR10 Handguards

    Another vote for the JP 17.25" hand guard. That's why I'm running on both of my 6.5 CM's with the +2 length gas. One bonus is I can run a full length ARCA rail for all the fun attachments these days.
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    Hick's Law - Slow is Smooth.

    @davere seriously just slow down and focus on the sights FFS. Couldn't agree more though. Folks need to spend more time figuring out how to learn instead of asking what other people "know".
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    .300 BLK Dedicated Suppressor

    I'm very happy with my Omega. I wouldn't hesitate with a Nomad if it had the KeyMo attachment. If you are thinking light and direct thread for 300blk only why not get the Omega 9k?
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    Not even close. I've never once seen any tangible or credible evidence of coated 9mm, 40, 45 or now 22 damaging or even depositing coating in barrels. The new Clean 22 is awesome. Those of us that have actually used it have found there's noticeably less cleaning compared to bare lead.
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    Spray Painting Rifles

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    What semi auto 308

    Are you thinking something like a ~18" 308 with a bipod and shooting mostly between 100-500 yards? Any chance you're going to suppress it? Any weight restrictions or preferences? There's quite a bit you can do to really tailor a 308 to different applications or competitions if that's what you're...
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    Spray Painting Rifles

    I really like this color combination. I'm assuming it's the same sponge method you used in your stock picture? Could you also share the colors you used for this? Apologies if I missed it in the thread.
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    Is 6mm Creedmoor still the best option for 6mm in an AR10?

    Definitely 6 Creed. I'm working on a build right now. Ammo availability, proven systems, barrels from all over the place, components to reload.
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    Probs w 10.5” 300 BlkOut upper

    So a couple of things to look at but it would really help if you defined the "issue" or better posted a picture. That can narrow down what folks will suggest. -Start with the problem mag. Hand strip from a full mag and see if the spring is feeding rounds up quickly. If you notice a slow feed...
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    Ultimate Deadline Actions

    I'm rocking the Deadline Ultimatum in a JP APAC Chassis (full MR-19 from JP) in 6 Creed. It's awesome! I'm getting ~1/2 inch groups at 100 with the Federal 105 Bergers.
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    Which Ar-10 BCG?

    If you're building something to shoot paper, steel or compete in PRS style matches go with the LMOS and H2 buffer. If you're running suppressed I'd go with the FMOS or VMOS. I've run a pair of JP's in 6.5 with every carrier weight suppressed and unsuppressed. They all run just fine without...
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    New JP Semi-Monolithic LRI-20 Large Frame Upper

    Shoot them an email to request it. Believe me, if enough folks want something and it's a good idea there are people that are listening and willing to make it happen :)
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    300blk pistol vs rifle for supers

    My loads went from ~2400 FPS with a 110 Barnes in a 16" to ~2200 FPS in a 10.5" For a blackout, short barrels are amazing :love: . My new favorite hunting gun.
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    Suppressing a 6.5 Grendel

    That's going to be a solid setup for a suppressed rifle. If you have a Nomad in jail why not use that until you get another can? You can get the Key-Mo back end and just run it as a QD can. If you're itching for another can you can always follow @TBACRAY 's advice and pick up the Dominus. I've...