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    Project: Inexpensive Rifle Accelerometer

    I'm interested in a similar application, measuring muzzle vibration as related to positive compensation (node). With barrel times typically in the 1.5ms range, a very high measurement/sampling rate is required. I acquired an Arduino which can fulfill this need, and still working to finalize the...
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    Solid beginner's bolt gun for learning shoot long range?

    Seven years ago I decided I wanted to try learning to shoot prone. Uncertain whether I would like and stick with it, I bought a Savage Hog Hunter in 223 for $435 and immediately replaced the stock. Years and several ballistically superior rifles later it is still my favorite to shoot out to...
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    Which Chassis should I go with?

    Chassis suck. That's my opinion after owning one. Better to try and find out what you like and dislike before buying.
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    What scope would you recommend for someone who has never owned one before and wants to by something decent?

    Based on your comments, I suggest you get a very basic starter scope to shoot for a while so you can learn more about what you want and need. At this stage you are not likely to buy long term satisfaction the first time. A swafa 10 or 12x fixed power is a sound investment for $300 to learn with...
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    Any decent cheap 1" tube scopes?

    Been a couple years ago I bought the Bushy 10X Tac for $149, its worth it.
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    Will my retarded DIY equipment idea actually work?

    For Ftr shooting with bipod, it is common to use a heavy mat or board to address this situation. Many styles as most are homemade. I use 3/4" plywood with carpet glued on top. For stability a piece of angle iron is on the bottom of each end, this rail runs parallel to the direction of the barrel...
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    Need help finding a good value ($350) longer range mil mil scope for .222

    I have both swafa12x and argos6-24. Optical quality is comparable, retical and mag range offer superior capability on the Argos. Yes the turrets are a little mushy but have always been accurate, must be something to bitch about when nothing else is wrong.
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    Best Vehicle for Precision Rifle Guys?

    Commuted in the truck and after 6 years had over 200k miles. In great shape, the sales value did not reflect what it was worth. So the soul-train bought me 4 years of low miles on the Tundra which has gone down to Fla fishing and up to Newfy, NM, Co, SD to hunt. Tundra is back on the road full...
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    Best Vehicle for Precision Rifle Guys?

    To save putting more miles on my 2008 Tundra I've been driving a Kia Soul four years. Great room in the boxy hatch back, good mileage, sporty drive. But after four hours my old fat ass is acheing, and its going up for sale. I'm back in the Tundra for comfort, and don't care about the 17mpg. With...
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    Shooting Mental Program.

    Once you have your mental checklist, its great to incorporate the entire routine into a dry firing exercise at home to also reinforce it into your muscle memory. Last year my Ftr scores were subpar for several reasons. This year the rain was abysmal for several weeks before the first match, so I...
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    FT/R and 80SMK

    For three years now I'm running the 80.5vld at 3000fps in a 26in barrel using cfe223. Nice node below any pressure issue. While not temperature sensitive I cooked off one shot that blew a primer in max summer time last year so I'm careful in that regard. With a wide node I will decreases .1gr as...
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    POI rises, velocity doesn't. I'm baffled.

    So the 223 changes 1 mil (3.5moa) at 400yd during a given shooting session? My 223 drops 1.7 mil at that distance and the ballistic calculation only varies .1 mil due to daily temp increase. Something is very wrong to cause 1 mil change in this situation. I'm shooting in your area and have not...
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    The Value of Dry Fire

    A little different dry fire routine to try. Setup in a place where there is nothing to aim at except a blank wall. Why? You will focus totally on the minute details of body positioning, cheek weld fit, length of pull, scope alignment, etc. Due to a period of lengthy rain I did this before my...
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    G1/G7 Discrepancy

    If you look at a wide array of bullet diameters and weights there is a perfect correlation between G1 and G7 values, so they both portray identical information. The difference in the ballistic calculations lies in the drag curves which the BC references.
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    Low ES AND SD but still bad groups ?

    Unless you're entering a contest for ES and SD, forget the chrono and use the target to define the node. Barrel harmonics and the associated compensation define the node. After that is done then use the chrono for characterization and improvements to loading technique.