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    Nice grouping with Sako TRG22 308 Win

    Unfortunately we don't have this information.
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    Great shots with a Rem700

    Custom Rem700 308 Win in our Dual Strike chassis with the Cadex MX1 muzzle brake. Pictures from Space Dog Project.
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    CDX-R7 Field Comp

    Nice shots from Go Big Tactical. CDX-R7 Field Comp in the hybrid Sniper Grey and Black color. The perfect match!
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    Rem700 short action

    Great picture from a customer of his Rem700 short action in a Cadex Lite Strike chassis.
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    Have a great Halloween weekend!

    Great pictures from JJ ROCK CO. Cadex Dual Strike chassis housing the JJR-375. The one with the evil clown is perfect for the Halloween weekend coming! :devilish:
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    Great shot at 1017 yards

    Exactly. A customer in Quebec, Canada.
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    Great shot at 1017 yards

    Great shot from one of our customers with his Tikka 6mm Creedmoor sitting in a Cadex Lite Competition chassis. One shot one kill on a 10" gong at 1017 yards. Congratulations!
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    Rifle on ice

    Amazing pictures of an amazing rifle... on ice! CDX-R7 Lite Comp 300 Norma. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us :-)
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    Kraken in the wild

    Pictures from a customer of his new Kraken in the wild. This one is a 6mm, 308 and 338 package currently configured as 6mm. "It shoots beautifully out to 1000m at 0.6moa. Once I get the loads tuned and get more time behind it I am sure it will perform even better. Awesome rifle, I could not be...
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    Nice grouping with Sako TRG22 308 Win

    Nice grouping with a Sako TRG22 308 Win in our Cadex Dual Strike chassis. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us! Photos // Space Dog Project
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    Have a great weekend!

    Some awesome pictures from JJROCK of a JJR-375 Carbon in the Dual Strike chassis. Have a great week-end everyone!
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    CDX-40 Shadow

    Amazing picture from one of our customers with his CDX-40 Shadow in 375CT.
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    McMillan Tac50

    Canadian Sniper at the last Gagetown CISC using his new C15A2. The C15A2 is a modified McMillan Tac50 rifle sitting in a Cadex Dual Strike chassis and upgraded with our Unitized Scope Mount, Falcon bipod and DX2 two-stage trigger. Original // Combat Camera, Cpl Nicolas Alonso Edited // War Doll
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    Bighorn Sheep kill by a young girl!

    Awesome picture from one of our customer daughter. She took down a Bighorn Sheep with his Rem 700 Long Action 338 Lapua Mag in our Lite Competition chassis. Congratulation for this nice shot!
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    RWS CETUS Militaria

    Great picture from RWS CETUS Militaria of a CDX-33 Patriot 338 Lapua. Author @ired_milfoto