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    What a sweet partners in crime combo!

    What a sweet partners in crime combo! The CDX-50 Tremor 50BMG and the CDX-300 Freedom Lite 300 Win Mag. Thanks to Mr. Monty for providing these beautiful pictures.
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    Two sweet builds from Section 8 Sports

    Here are two builds from Section 8 Sports. The first one is a Field Strike for Rem 700 short action in tan color and the second build is a Field Competition for Rem 700 short action in Stealth Shadow Vortex color.
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    Beautiful landscape!

    Beautiful picture from an happy customer with his Defiance Rebel 338 Lapua action sitting in a Dual Strike chassis. Keep sending your picture! :-)
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    JJ Rock Co

    Great picture of a JJ Rock Co JJR-375 rifle in our Dual Strike chassis at the KO2M competition held this weekend. Courtesy of Rudy Gonsior.
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    Here are some pictures from an happy customer with his CDX-MC Kraken in 308 Win and a 24” barrel. “The rifle is amazing very impressed worth the wait”
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    New Cadex Cap!

    Here is our new Cadex cap just right in time for the summer! Available on our Online Store at Have a great weekend folks!
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    Shooting up to 2172 yards

    Beautiful pictures from Cadex's Pro-Staff Jack Culotta at his first ELR Match last weekend. What a beautiful scenic on this range! His CDX-33 Patriot Lite 300 Norma Mag performed flawlessly with first round first hit at 1970 yards and 2172 yards with factory ammunition believe it or not!
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    Dual Strike for Stiller Tac 408

    Here are some pictures of a chassis Dual Strike for Stiller Tac 408 in 375 CT from C Precision Rifles.
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    CDX-MC Kraken

    It's a Leofoto 404C carbon fibre tripod from Houlie Precision
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    CDX-MC Kraken

    Awesome picture of a CDX-MC Kraken in 6.5x47 Lapua from Houlie Precision Inc. (Photo credit:
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    Camo job

    Nice camo job on a CDX-33 Patriot in 338 Lapua. Thanks for sharing!
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    Field Competition chassis

    Another happy customer. A Field Competition chassis for a Savage 10TR full black. Notice the optional 20 MOA top rail and 9" bipod rail.
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    Custom Kryptek camo

    Sweet pictures from 5 Toe Custom Engager in 6.5 Creedmoor with custom Kryptek camo in a Cadex Dual Strike chassis.
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    Multi-Cam camo on a 408CT

    Superbes photos d'un CDX-40 SHADOW 408CT repeinturé en Multi-Cam camo pour un projet spécial de Delta Défense (France). Gorgeous pictures of a CDX-40 SHADOW 408CT repainted in Multi-Cam camo for a special project from Delta Défense (France).
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