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    Colorado Tripod company 4-series

    Colorado Tripod Company is the brand for their photography tripods and heads. When they started making a tripod for shooting they started up the Rocky Mountain Tactical Supports brand. They are the same people. This thread's creation predates the creation of the RMTS brand hence why it...
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    TRIPLE Leg Ckye Pod

    When I saw "triple leg" I thought tripod. Now I'm wondering if another leg could be added to make a more compact tripod but the extra leg could then fold up so the other two legs could act as a bipod. It'd definitely be a compromise but some times a compromise solution works for what you need.
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    KRG gen 4 Xray

    More info here:
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    Shot Show 2020 Thread!!!
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    NEW XRS Chassis from MDT - Crossover Rifle Stock

    Have you handled an XRS yet yourself? Things like fit and finish alone can make it worth it for many people. Your statement about having no complaints about the bravo is inheritly very specific to your situation and values. It's going to be hard to convey value of subjective things that don't...
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    Colorado Tripod company 4-series

    A couple photos posted on Facebook by Marc Taylor of the Alaska Precision Rifle Course and Wiggy's Alaska:
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    New B&T Industries Atlas bipod - BLIND pre-order

    I've got the btca adapter plate (no clamp) on order to try out. I can give you an update once it arrives.
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    Looking for a daypack
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    Colorado Tripod company 4-series

    Here's a response I got today from Cody: Hi, Sorry for the delay. I’ve been traveling a bit and haven’t had access to the internet. We got a few of them made and decided that we needed to make one or two weeks to the design to ensure the stability and corrosion resistance. So we’re estimating...
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    MDT Oryx Chassis

    I agree that's a screaming deal. I bought mine at full price, $400, and bought spacers and I still think it's a good deal. That said, I *feel* like I do. I love MDT, I have multiple things from them and I think they're a principled company. I don't think they're trying to gouge people or...
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    MDT Oryx Chassis

    $70 *feels* a little steep for something meant to go on a more affordable chassis option. I have no doubt it’ll be impeccably made but it feels like it was a lost opportunity to not machine a rail into the base chassis itself.
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    New B&T Industries Atlas bipod - BLIND pre-order

    It's not the 5H one, it's this one:
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    New B&T Industries Atlas bipod - BLIND pre-order

    Does anyone know of a narrow Atlas to ARCA/RRS clamp adapter? I tried my SCAL with both a RRS BTC Pro clamp and a Sawtooth Rifles adapter and found in both cases the clamp/adapter hit the bipod crosspiece before the bipod achieved full cant. BTC Pro: Sawtooth Rifles adapter: Full cant...
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    New kestrel in the works ?

    Larger capacity? 🤷‍♂️