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    6mm CM choices

    Love my Howa 6CM barreled Action. Tossed it into a KRG Bravo. I haven’t even started load development (just picked a low charge weight to make some 1x brass) and it’s already shooting at 1 MOA. Looking forward to getting things dialed in.
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    Socially UNacceptable Humor

    Pretty sure he means feed her and take care of her. What the hell are YOU doing with farm animals? 😉
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    $00.95 per gallon gas???

    I paid $1.52 last week to fill up the wife’s car with regular. Loving it. Hasn’t been this low since shortly after I got my DL. Been avoiding driving my truck as much as I can to save some cash since diesel is still at ~$2.40-$2.60 depending on location.
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    What did you do in the reloading room today?

    My H4350 order came in the mail today. My wife woke me up and without another word said, “You got explosives in the mail today...” She continued to look at me with an expression that said she was concerned she married a psychopath. 😂
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    FS - TASER X26 “Blue Gun”/SERPA Holster (LH)

    Bump. No one left using the X26 anymore?
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    FS: Ken Farrell Pic Rail - CZ 527

    Bumpity. These are great rifles. Someone must want to toss a giant optic on one...
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    WTB Getting back into reloading

    I have a Lyman T-Mag II with 2 turret heads and small/large priming arm I’d sell for $175 shipped. Press was $225 new and turret heads used to be ~$50/each, now looks like they’re $60-80/each.
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    Sold!!!1750 107 Nosler CC 6mm $350 shipped.

    PM sent, I’ll take the lot.
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    Pay it Forward Thread

    If anyone still needs a set of .223 dies, the above member who claimed my offer never sent me any information or paid shipping after asking I hold it for him until payday... Still available. Includes #16 Hornady shell holder now as well, just pay shipping. EDIT: GONE.
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    Mag pouches

    HSGI Tacos or ESSTAC KYWI if you want open top pouches. Used to use HSGI, but prefer my ESSTAC stuff now. Kydex wedges velcro’d inside nylon cover. Both are good quality.
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    Precision em!!

    Took my coyote rifle out for some 50gr VMax testing. Switched brass and optic and decided to rework. CZ 527 Varmint Kevlar - .223 Rem And my best group of the day. Cherry picked, but clearly in the middle of an accuracy node.