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    Accurizing DPMS Style Rifle

    Fundamentals, barrel, decent trigger. Large frame gassers are definitely an entirely different animal. Personally, I'd build it; for the experience if nothing more. Being able to see and do, along with trial and error, is a big thing for me. Becoming that much more familiar with the weapon...
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    Surefire QD form 1

    Saw the warden flash hider also. Wondered if I could use that as the mount, and build the can off of that. Or maybe that's against the rules? Would just be neat to use the brake and qd with my form 1
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    EDC Loadout

    So true
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    wha.....huh....Whaaaat........FFFUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!! So much awesome in one post. You sir, have won the fucking internet
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    Help with Vortex Model Differences

    My gen 1 HST scopes have always been SFP. Whereas the 2, 6-24 gen 1 PST I have, are both FFP and illuminated. Glass is also much more clear in the FFP pst vs the hst scopes. Just my .02
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    Merica Fuck Yeah

    Fucking drunk wife beater. Lives one town over, used to deliver to his house back in the day. Wife's crazy too, or ex, rather. Song used to be cool though, for a 1 hit wonder
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    Surefire QD form 1

    Alright all, been working on my form 1 designs for a while. Got them locked down, and then scored a few brakes with the Surefire type qd on them. I cant seem to locate any F1 end caps that have the SF pattern thread. Any advice would be appreciated. I guess I could not use the SF brakes, but...
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    The Transformation of Louie Lastik

    His words as Seth, in American History X; "I'm not fat bitch, I'm husky".
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    Bruce Lee

    All this showman shit talk...... I've got news for you birds: Bruce Lee would've kicked any one of our asses, hands down, without a doubt. Same with Segal (whom is now washed up). But my point is Bruce Lee. FUCKING LEDGEND
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    Glock Mods - Yes or No?

    All .40 s&w. Love it. I run 22, 23, and 27
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    “Top 10 Things I Learned on Snipers Hide in 2019" (2nd annual)

    AJ didn't kill himself (he ain't coming back neither) Epstein DEFINITELY didn't kill himself That bitch gave that poor cat ALL the VD trading cards Other than my kids, best time spent is reloading. It allows me more shooting time As crazy as we all are around here; we're the most stable...
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    What’s a “good” 600 yard size group for an AR15?

    Ok: 2 MOA Good: 1-1.5 MOA Great: .75-1 MOA Excellent: .5 MOA At least that's my take. Got to be able to do 1-ish. Otherwise, I'd fear for my own safety, or death from starvation.
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    Glock Mods - Yes or No?

    All of my 1911 pistols in the past, have got all the little goodies and shit. With 3, gen 3 Glocks (22, 23, 27); they all got Glock night sights, semi-aggressive stippling, trigger guard undercut, and I rolled the back strap in flatter. I also stoned/polished all factory trigger and safety...
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    Why I carry a gun.

    I have saved an email for years. It was sent to me by a friend when he was deployed. it read pretty much the same; but after the last line about police protection, it ended with: The average response time, nationwide, for a 911 call is 13 minutes; the average response time to a .357 magnum is...
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    Troy PDW stock

    I have a chance to get one of these, at a severely discounted rate. It is near new, but the fella doesn't like how compact it gets, or that it uses a proprietary BCG/buffer system. Thoughts? I'm looking into building a 13.5" barreled ultralight type rig, and thought this would be the icing...