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    Lowlight Testing Out His First Gun

    At least it was a Nerf gun :ROFLMAO:
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    New to the forum from CT

    Welcome to the Hide from Alabama
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    Killed by your own cock,...DAMN!

    That dude had some seriously bad karma!
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    New guy from Michigan

    Welcome to the Hide from Alabama
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    Ti tube
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    $1000 scope to shoot 1000 yards need help

    From time to time, someone posts an Athlon Ares ETR for sale for <$1000. You can get one from CameralandNY for about $1000 new. It is a great scope that punches well above its price point.
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    Who still owns their first gun?

    I do, a H&R .410 shotgun. I got it for my 6th birthday and it is still in mint condition.
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    What's Your View II

    It was. I had 3 come in but they came from behind me on another piece of property that I dont have permission to hunt....yet.
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    What's your daily CC gun?

    I found out today that a XDM 10 mm is too big for a carry gun.... o_O
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    Which site sponsors carry Vortex products??

    Thanks, I sent them a pm.
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    Which site sponsors carry Vortex products??

    Looking to get a Vortex Venom for my 10mm. Want to go through a sponsor of the forum. Who carries Vortex??
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    What's Your View II

    Last coyote stand of the evening
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    Athlon Argos vs Vortex Diamondback

    $ I took mine back for a refund the same day I bought it. I took the refund and bought the Athlon. It is still on my 22lr.
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    Favorite sunglasses for shooting/hunting?

    I am using the 580 Blue Mirror lenses. My wife also wears Maui Jim. She has the Punchbowl series. She has the Chocolate Fade frames with Maui Rose lenses.