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RTAC 10/22 Stock GB - Updates and Info


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  • RTAC 10/22 Stock GB - Updates and Info

    Since this didn't transfer over from the other site ...

    Anyone have any contact with Kirk of late? I sent an email a couple of weeks ago with no response. Anyone receive a stock lately? Also wondering how many of us are in the same boat. I sent him a $200 deposit well over a year ago. I have not received a stock or a refund. I have also not received any communication in several months. I have been patient and am sympathetic regarding his manufacturing issues but really just want resolution at this point if I'm not going to get any answers. Please let me know where the rest of you stand on this. Kirk ... if you see this, just send me my $200 back.

    Mike Primavera

    Addicted to pulling the trigger!

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    Interested too. Anyone?


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      Im still waiting for a stock. I havent tried to contact him in a while but its not looking to promising. Talked to a buddy at the range last weekend and he said he had paid for a couple of his target indicators with no word back after trying to contact him.


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        If you used a credit card I wonder how long you have to contest payment.