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A guide to group buys


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  • A guide to group buys

    Having been a part of group buys in the past it should be noted that they mostly follow the same pattern.
    1st, in general if the product is from a name brand company prices below MSRP can NOT be posted due to MAP pricing agreements.
    2nd, with that if you are interested PM the seller or person facilitating the group buy, verses posting "hey PM me pricing info", if your interested be the one that sends the first PM.
    3rd and this is the biggest most important one. If the product is the newest wiz-bang OR is in high demand everywhere have some patience for God sake. I know we are all hyper sensitive to being ripped off but this shit takes time and promises on delivery will be broken I can guarantee it.

    Having been involved in 2 Group buys that had HUGE savings (50% off) done straight from the manufacture that turned into a whining, crying hell from those who claimed they were committed. The 2 companies and I am sure there are others will NEVER do a group buy again.

    I respectfully request others input.
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    Do the right thing, regardless of the cost.

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    I think you hit all the points. Communication is a two way street!


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      That is true. Updates form the seller on a some what regular basis goes a LOOOONG way.
      Do the right thing, regardless of the cost.


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        If you commit to a group buy follow through with your commitment and payment <----- I don't think this can be stressed enough.


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          Excellent point johnnycat!!!!

          For those that can't see past their own ego i will explain why that one point hurts EVERYONE in the sport, especially on snipershide.
          John doe wants a new wizz bang gadget. But he believes he has some connections and can get a better price. He makes his contacts and they tell him he can get a better price with volume. John doe then starts a thread and states his case. Lets say for example he has 50 people say "i am in" . with that info he contacts his people and they say for that they can do $xx.xx price.
          He then comes back and contacts people with the price, he gets 100 "the check is in the mail" posts but after 3 weeks only has 15 checks in his hand.
          Now he has a ton of work in to this and has to start hounding people and he maybe gets 10 more checks.
          He stuck his neck out for his fellow shooters and now looks like a joke. The vendor/manufacturer thinks it is a waste of time.
          NOW everyone on the supply side has a shity taste in their mouth and will hesitate to do a group buy again if EVER.

          If you say your "IN". Then your "in", if you have to pay rent then do that first, if you have to get approval form your spouse do that first.
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          Do the right thing, regardless of the cost.


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            Group buys go smoothest if EVERYONE does their part. The part they say they are going to.
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            Do the right thing, regardless of the cost.


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              I agree with most everything said above.

              I used to run a yearly or sometimes 2X a year Berger Bullet Group Buy. I bought directly from Berger, and we were given bulk dealer prices. Bullets were delivered to my house on a pallet from the back of a semi. I moved over 50,000 bullets in a little over 2 years. After the first year, I never counted on anything until the $$$ actually came in. Lots of "I'm in" with no payment. I got burned the first year with orders that went unfunded and I had to buy; and said never again. After that you paid up front or were disregarded.

              AA, its true I admit it


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                Jeffvn, thanks for keeping up the hard work despite dealing with assholes. Being discouraged can be understood.
                Do the right thing, regardless of the cost.


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                  What is a reasonable wait time for a group buy when someone is holding onto your money. Maybe a group consensus here wouldn't hurt. Patience is a virtue!?!?!


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                    That is a loaded question. Here is some guide lines. If the product is new and hasn't been released yet, or just released in the last 60 days then the wait will be longer. This industry has shown that product roll outs can be delayed and slow at first.

                    Also ask yourself is the product a low volume item for the Manufacturer. Just as an example, how many $3000 range finding binoculars do you think Leica make, their production could be allocated months out. So someone might be able to facilitate a group by for a great price but understand for that savings you will have to wait. Consider who is doing the group by also. In that example is the person a Leica dealer. An actual dealer/vendor could make things go a little faster.
                    4ish years ago a group buy i got in on took almost 16months for me to get my items. They expected to get 200 or so sold and i believe they got over 900 orders. They were not set up for that kind of volume. In the end i got a great product. I bought 3 and it only cost me about 20% over what just 1 retails for. If your saving that kind of money (rare for sure) then sit tight it will come.
                    As has been stated communications both ways in a professional manner is the key. I have seen the mud slinging from both sides.
                    Do the right thing, regardless of the cost.


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                      Communication does seem to be key, and while it is apparent that some people would like to have daily updates that is usually not possible or helpful. If there is an extended period of time from taking orders until units start shipping, or if there are unforseen changes to the dynamics of the buy (like the 200 vs 900 unit example), having a scheduled update would be helpful. Could be every week or every month, but at least people don't work themselves up if it has been one more day than whatever they thought was an acceptable period of silence. Although a slightly different circumstance (but logistically very similar), it seemed like it was good for Desert Tech to commit to posting updates on the MDR release on the 1st of each month and quiet down some of the chatter about how production was doing and when they would start shipping.


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                        The communication aspect is a key, but varies depending upon the product you are buying. During the Berger bullet buys we ran into shipping and production delays from Berger every time we did a buy. It really falls on the organizer to keep the folks involved up to speed on production schedules, deliveries and delays. Its a pain, but you/they need to do it or folks will rightfully get grumpy. A once a month update is certainly reasonable from my view, even if it is only to say guys the delivery date hasn't changed it is still expected to be X.
                        AA, its true I admit it


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                          I have been a part of a few group buys as well, I am blown away how crazy some people can be.
                          By that I mean, take a look at a group buy thread, some ahole is furious about how long it takes and usually will post " I haven't heard anything in a the last 6 hours, this is a rip off.... I want my money back" etc.....

                          Do the math you needy aholes 10 needy people x 10 five minute phone calls = nearly an hour out of someones day just to tell you to shut the fuck up and your order will arrive when it is ready.

                          If you want instant exchange don't join a group buy.
                          Shit happens and I am sure if you were the dude running the buy you would want people to be patient.

                          I look at it this way, 50% off = 50% longer delivery time(at least). If they say 6 months to fill all orders wait a year.
                          Or pay full price and get the product within the 24 hours that you feel it should take. In that same vein amazon has the products that I buy in a warehouse and it still takes a a business week to arrive. Why would a specialized product be any faster?

                          My worst literally took 2 years to complete, my order was lost in the mail and the manufacturer did everything under their control to make it right.
                          Including sending me a completely different one and tracking the lost one on their own.

                          Lastly, I think this is why we don't see so many group buys on the hide anymore. All of you needy children ruined the buys for us reasonable people.

                          Ok jumping off the soapy box...


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                            No reason to get off your soap box. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Years ago there were a lot of group buys with great prices. People bitching obviously put a stop to the good ones. With Facebook today and the capability to instantly trash someone it has become non-cost effective I am sure.

                            Do the right thing, regardless of the cost.